Gubat sa Ciudad 

Gubat sa Ciudad sometimes Gubat sa Siudad or Forest in the City is a recreational swimming pool resort located in Barangay 171 Bagumbong Caloocan City.

This resort was the talk of the town during the 90’s, it’s fairly an old resort but they had been making renovations to keep up with other resorts within the area of Bulacan and Laguna.

Since my family had been here before we decided to revisit the resort plus it’s just an hour ride from our place.

So what’s interesting about this resort? Well back in the day they have the longest swimming pool slide, and a forest feel like resort as they got the name Forest in the City.

They accommodate Day and Night swimming, hence the area is mostly trees you will really have the feeling of being away in the city.

As I have mention they have been making renovations to keep up with other resorts so their newest attraction is the wave pool other than that the rest is still the same.

I understand that the resort is old and finding some broken facility might be normal but somewhat disappointing.

The resort failed to maintain or upgrade one of the important part of its facilities, in my opinion and that is the shower and dressing area, including the comfort rooms. They are poorly maintain, they lack water supply to keep the comfort rooms clean, if the management wishes to keep up with other resorts they must take a closer look on their facilities, making sure its clean and functional is a good way to keep a happy customer.

Since we are already in it we might as well enjoy what the resort has to offer, besides the purpose of going here was to enjoy summer with my family.

Selfie in Gubat sa Ciudad and my Mom is a Photobomb

The front gate of Gubat sa Ciudad and the line up of busy people waiting for it to open, the resorts opens at 7:00 AM but you can make advanced reservation if you want to avoid the busy line of people in the counter area.

Rates for the resort for Day Swimming and Night Swimming is the same.

  • Adult is 200 pesos
  • Children below 7 years old is 120 pesos

Just a few steps from the gate and you will be in the forest in the city

The swimming pool is surrounded by trees so unlike in some resort where you will be fighting against the heat of the summer in here you do not have to worry about not putting in some sun block, but I am not recommending not too.

Currently they have 2 working swimming pools, the older pools are no longer open, perhaps they are still working on it, their newest swimming pool is the wave pool.

The other pool is wider and enjoys mostly by the children.

The slide but its not open for the time being.

And our family picture that wraps up our day, have fun this summer, no matter what place it will be.

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