Events: World of DC

Last April 18, 2015 The Worlds Greatest Heroes and Fans of DC Comics in the Philippines took place in SM City North Edsa Atrium Section to celebrate the World of DC Comics.

Various activities happen that week including fun run and the main event was the cosplay contest, I was very excited as it was the first cosplay event I ever attended and I’d say it was fun and overwhelming seeing the participants in the cosplay event.

Here is my selfie of the event, not my best though.

#Selfie in World of DC PH

Here is the highlight of the cosplay event with all of the contestants on stage just before the announcement of the winners.

The judges for the cosplay event giving out their speech.

The arrival of the Team Justice PH

and the time for selfies and groufies

The Cosplay awarded 3 winners: Batman, Superman and Batgirl.

It was an awesome event, and I’m happy to be part of it, congrats to all the winners and participant of the contest, I cannot wait for the next event and movie of DC.

Photo-Slide of the Cosplay Contest

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