SM North Edsa Bomb Threat legit?

I feel the need of sharing this news as my previous blog post includes events took place in SM North Edsa and I also want to inform the public to take precautions, while the information about the bomb threat is yet to be verified by authorities.

I found the news in my Facebook feed shared by one of the blogs I followed

 Image courtesy of

According to the text message the Abu Sayyaf demands money to SM management and if they failed to comply the terrorist group threatens to plant bombs in any SM Malls, in some news circulating Facebook feeds they mention that SM North Edsa is suppose to be one of the target.

Almost an hour after I saw the post I visited the official Facebook page of SM North Edsa and this is their statement about the circulating bomb threat

While the bomb threat is still being verified SM North Edsa management confirms that the said text message did not come from any of SM Officer

Hopefully the Authorities would shed some light on this, until then all we can do is to be vigilant.

Update: 05-06-2015 10:03 AM PST

As I closely monitor the allegedly bomb threat in SM Malls the AFP have already release a statement and assured the public

“No Terror Threat in Metro Manila, Bomb text a hoax – AFP”

as reported by Philippine Daily Inquirer in their website

Link: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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