Patar Beach Bolinao Pangasinan

Have you been to Patar Beach in Bolinao Pangasinan?

My first trip out of town this summer brings me to Patar White Beach in the province of Bolinao Pangasinan, thanks to my friends this trip will not be possible.

Our itinerary was for an overnight stay in Patar white beach, we left Cubao Bus station at 8:30AM of May 16 2015 via Five Star bus bound for Bolinao province, the funny part of this was that we are supposed to ride Victory Liner Bus but due to unexpected delays and unclear time table of Victory Liner we decided to take Five Star Bus instead, honestly its my first time to ride this bus in an out of town trip, so I would like to thank our bus driver and conductor for our safe trip.

Finally a change of scenery, away from the busy life in Metro Manila.

Our first Stop point in Tarlac.

Our first group picture for this trip

After a long hours of travel by bus, the first view of the sea, this was near Alaminos, an hour away from Bolinao.

The travel time was approximately 5-6 hours, upon arriving in Bolinao town proper our group decided to hit the market just a few steps from the bus terminal to gather our supplies necessary for our overnight stay, our social skills was put to test as we haggle for the prices of various commodities that we will be needing for our stay, we also got a tip from one of the vendor that its more affordable to ride tricycle that are in the terminal rather than the ones in the market.

The Market in Bolinao town proper, just a dew steps from the bus terminal, this is where you can get your supplies if you are planning for an over night stay in Patar.

One of the most popular street food you can find in Metro Manila is also available in Bolinao.

After getting our supplies we took a very short break near the tricycle terminal and talk to some of the street vendor to inquire for possible lodge in Patar, afterwards we manage to get a tricycle going to Patar for only 180 pesos, the tricycle ride from Bolinao town proper going to Patar white beach was about 45 minutes.

The road to Patar

Just one of the many scenery you will see as you take the road to Patar

The road to Patar was well develop and the scenery of Bolinao was very captivating, along the road you can see the very clear water of the beaches, there are already numbers of various resorts and lodging in Bolinao but our goal is to go to Patar and its located at the far end side of Bolinao.

The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

On our way to Patar we passed the famous light house of Bolinao, the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, which is one of the tourist attraction in Bolinao, after the lighthouse just few more minutes ride in the tricycle we have finally arrived in our destination just in time for our group to see the sunset.

Since we have no contacts in Patar for our lodging, we decided to split in two groups in search for our lodging, after a couple of inquiry and haggling we manage to get a small Bahay Kubo or Nipa Hut good for the 4 of us for the price of 2,500 pesos including a free cottage near the beach.

After a couple of selfies and group pictures we started preparing for our meal, the challenge part is that there is no running water in Patar, so if you are the type that cannot survive without running water better to check in in one of the resorts in Bolnao, there are public restrooms and again running water is a challenge, the main water source is the Poso or manual water pump or water hydrant, I’m just not sure about the translation in english, just refer to the picture below.

This is not the poso in Patar, the picture is for description purposes only

In the morning we continued to take more selfies and group pictures, we left Patar at 3:00PM in the afternoon reached Manila at around 11:00PM. If given the chance I would like to stay longer in Patar to explore the wonderful beach, but then due to time constraint we cannot stay longer so probably “I shall return, according to Douglas MacArthur” will be happening next summer.

Here is the summary of our groups itinerary including expenses in Patar While Beach Pangasinan.

  • 459 pesos Bus fare single journey via Five star bus line going to Bolinao province
  • 180 tricycle ride from Bolinao town proper to Patar white beach
  • 2500 pesos Nipa Hut cottage for the overnight stay
  • 200 pesos tricycle ride from Patar to Five star bus station
  • 459 pesos Bus fare via Five star bus line going back to Manila
Sunset in Patar Bolinao Pangasinan
Patar Bolinao Pangasinan
Sunset in Patar Bolinao Pangasinan
Selfie in Patar Bolinao Pangasinan
Selfie in Patar Bolinao Pangasinan
The coastline of Patar

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