Travel: Puerto Galera

White Beach Puerto Galera

How to spend the few remaining days of summer vacation before classes officially starts along with the rainy season?

Best way to do it is party with friends in the beach, and the closes to Metro Manila is none other than Puerto Galera!

A 3 to 4 hours ride via bus from Jam Liner Cubao terminal going to Batangas Port and another hour and a half ride via Minolo Shipping lines these are “Bangka” going to White Beach Puerto Galera.

At the so called arrival area of White Beach Puerto Galera

Arrival Area in White Beach Puerto Galera

For those who purchase a round trip ticket back to Batangas Port this is also where you can inquire to book your ticket.

My travel buddies Rose and Gei

This would be my 4th visit in White Beach Puerto Galera so the trade of economics is not new to me more particularly with ┬áthe last remaining days of “Peak Season” were in prices are ridiculously unreasonable so the power of social skills will be tested when it comes to haggling prices, something to expect when going to Puerto Galera during the Peak Season, none the less the view of the beach and the nightlife is something I enjoyed whenever I’m here.

Las Villas Del Natividad Resort is one of the front beach resort you can find in White Beach Puerto Galera.

So we got an air condition room with two single bed and comfort room, honestly its quite small, I think the deluxe room in Hotel Sogo or in Vista Hotel Cubao is actually a bit more spacious in my opinion.

While food and places to eat will not be a problem as white beach offers wide variety of restaurant that would fit your budget and your taste.

There are various activities that you can do in Puerto Galera such as Snorkeling, Island Hopping, Banana boat ride, Jet-ski, massage by the beach or on your own hotel room all you have to do is inquire about these services in any of the locals that are offering these services whom are not very hard to find as they are almost in every corner, though some vendors are not allowed in some establishments.

Now if you have tried all of these then you will be probably like me, what I do is check out all the souvenir shops and start shopping.

The souvenir shops are almost in every corner prices are also different and it depends on your social skills.

Bars are also open as early in the morning and some are open 24 hours, and most of them offers the very much popular “Mindoro Sling”.

time for some drink
Mindoro Sling

The party starts normally at 5:00 in the afternoon and last until 1:00AM, according to the locals this is because of a curfew implemented on the island, but not to worry since there are still a few bars that are open from 1:00 AM till morning.

I never find Puerto Galera boring, each time I visit brings new memories and I always enjoyed the company of my friends and also the hospitality of the people of White Beach Puerto Galera.

I also would like to thank Leynlies Bar, Mikkos Bar, Dimples of Reggae, Las Villas Natividad and Manalo’s bar and restaurant for their hospitality. Jam liner and Minolo shipping lines for the safe trip.

Till next time Puerto Galera!

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