How to transfer or import photos from iPhone to windows Computer

I notice that I have more photos from my camera phone rather than from my DSLR, well I guess its easier to take selfies using your camera phone rather than the bulky DSLR.

Since I switch from Blackberry to iPhone I was under the impression that importing photos or transferring photos from my iPhone to my Windows PC will be a bit of a challenge, I mean lets face it both are manufactured by different companies running in different platform.

Back in the day when I was using my Blackberry I tend to save all my photos on my phone’s micro-SD card and then inserting it to a card reader and from the card reader to my computer, as easy as that, but for the iPhone it was a bit different, I ask a couple of friends who are also using iPhone and I was advised to use an app like Dropbox. 

So what I did was install Dropbox on my iPhone and from my computer for sharing and transferring photos which has no problem at all, but then again, Dropbox only provide a certain amount of free space for cloud storage, if you want to have larger cloud storage there will be an equivalent amount of price for it which is not advisable for some one like me.

So the question is how do you transfer photos from your iPhone to your Windows PC? 

First step is to connect the iPhone to your Windows PC (this works with Windows 7, Vista, & XP) once connected, access the “Computer” window by going to the “Start” menu and selecting Computer or My Computer – if you have created a shortcut from the Desktop Screen you can also access it from there.

Second step is to locate the iPhone from the Computer window, this will normally appear under portable devices.

Third Step is to right click on the iPhone icon and select the option “import pictures and videos”.

Fourth Step is to customize the settings before you begin the transfer, you can click the option “import settings” to customize it, once you are ready you can click the “import” button to begin the process.

This process will help you transfer your photos from your iPhone to your computer without downloading additional software, I hope you find the steps above helpful specially for those like me who are using windows PC.

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