Where do you keep your precious photos?

May take on Cloud Storage vs External Hard Disk

                             Cloud vs Hard drive Storage – photo credits to http://www.pcworld.com

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are one of the most commonly use social platform now a days for sharing photos but after you post them online where do you keep them?

I ask a couple of my friends, and I find out that some of them after posting their photos online they just simply delete the photos from their phone.

As for me, after posting the photos online, I still keep them not all but some on my phone, while the rest I transfer to my computer’s external hard disk. Most smart phone right now offers a big chunk of memory even iPhone, mine has 32GB on it, but I still find it small if I keep all of my photos in it, so where do I keep my photos?

Last night I was transferring photos to one of my favorite cloud storage – Mega Cloud, I was transferring a file size of 1.22GB it was compressed in a winzip and it feels like it was taking forever well not to exaggerate that it finished uploading the file by 2:00AM Monday Philippine time and I started at 6:00PM, because of that connection was so slow last night well not to exaggerate that again Philippines is the 2nd to the slowest internet speed connection in the entire ASIA.

So with this factor it got me thinking again where should I keep my precious photos?

While cloud storage like Mega offers a free storage for about 50GB no subscription required which is a good deal for storing photos and files but the downside for me is that the connection from where I’m at is slow so no matter which Cloud I use if the connection is not fast enough for me to upload and download my files then storing it to an external disc maybe a good idea.

External Disc like the one I use WD-Western Digital 2TB is pretty handy for storing files and photos, I keep them there for back-up, the plus is that I can always access the files anytime the moment I plug it in on my Desktop computer with out using internet connection.

So I guess Cloud storage is good since you can access your files anytime anywhere as long as you have fast reliable internet connection while External Hard disc you can access it anytime anywhere as long as you have it with you and you have a computer where you can plug it in.

2 thoughts on “Where do you keep your precious photos?

    1. I like what you’re doing, I actually like to see my files right away as well that is why I prefer keeping them in my external HD though I also keep a copy in my cloud account in a zip format, I stop using CD Roms since I find them a bit sensitive mishandling or improper storage of CD Roms could damage them and would end on losing your files.

      by the way I appreciate your time on reading my post, Have a great day.

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