When I take pictures Vs When my Mom take pictures

This post is similar to “When I take pictures Vs When my Friend take pictures”

Have you ever been to a situation where you ask your friend or someone to take your picture and they just could not get it the way you want it to look like?

Well I do most of the time actually, In my case this happens whenever I ask my Mom to take a picture of me and after she took the photos, she’s actually happy and will even tell me “ok tapos na!” [ok I’m done] with a smile and I love my Mom so much that I trust her and when I check it she will smile at me again and will tell me to take a photo of her next.

My Mom’s photo of me Vs My photo of her.

My Mom on APCC Manila
Me on APCC, Photo taken by my Mom

Well I guess bringing a Tripod and using a wireless flash trigger will do the trick and both of us can enjoy taking pictures together.

While Nikon D3100 is not equip with a wireless or Bluetooth or infrared function for remote trigger, I found out that using Yongnuo RF603N wireless flash trigger will do the trick.

I recently bought the wireless flash trigger and watched a couple of instruction video in YouTube on how it works and its pretty much an easy device to attach on the Nikon D3100 DSLR camera, hopefully I could test it soon outside for my next travel.

By the way I love you Mom, and thanks for the photo.

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