SWTOR: The Republic Trooper





The Tank type class. Wears Heavy Armor and the Primary Weapon is Assualt Rifle.


The Healer Type class. Wears Heavy Armor and the Primary Weapon is Massive Assault Cannon.

My Personal favorite is Commando, but the screenshot you will see right now is VANGUARD. I tried Vanguard while waiting  for the Patch to Complete.  


Tropper’s Star Ship is THE BT-7 THUNDERCLAP. Trooper’s will get their Star Ship at the end of the CORUSCANT Class mission.

Awarded by GENERAL GARZA, it indicates the completion of Coruscant Class mission, and receiving further details of succeeding mission.

In short its time to hunt down the traitors of HAVOC SQUAD. But before that let me share to you some of the TROOPER/VANGUARD/COMMANDO Class/ Planet quest in Ord Mantell.


Meet Commander Vray

COMMANDER VRAY will give you the reward for completing one of the planet quest. (Spoiler Alert) you will be task to take out some of the separatist snipers along the area.

Fort Garnik Base – Entrance

Fort Garnik is the Trooper’s Home while in Ord Mantell, make sure to remember the entrance to the office/room where you will received briefing of your Class Mission. Ha! No worries, if you’re lost just simply toggle your map and follow it.


HAVOC SQUAD. Yey! an Elite Group of Republic Soldiers, that’s Havoc Squad. The Trooper Class Story is about hunting down the members of Havoc Squad who defected to the Empire.

Meet The Havoc Squad.

  • Commander Tavus
  • Fuse
  • Wraith
  • Gearbox

And Yes you will be hunting them down.

During the briefing you will also meet the arrogant JORGAN, currently he’s not part of the Havoc Squad, but you have to deal with him until you finished your class quest (Spoiler Alert: Jorgan will be your first companion by the end of the Ord Mantell Class Quest)

One of the Class quest was to get an intel from a Republic Spy, apparently when you arrived on the meeting spot his dead already.


Meet Mirru, a twi’lek, part of your Class quest is to interrogate him. Depending on how you deal with him you can earn either a Light Side or Dark Side points.

Finding the bomb is easy, no sweat you can locate and disable them. As you prgoress with your class quest Jorgan or Tavus will be providing details about them, so pay attention.

By the end of your quest in Ord Mantell you will be travelling to the capital planet of the Republic which is Coruscant.

Enjoy playing the game.






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