SWTOR: The Commando

In the previous post I tried using Vanguard while waiting for the game patched, but my personal favorite Trooper Class is the Commando.

Commando is the Healer Type for the Trooper Class, uses a Massive Assault Cannon.

After completing the Class Quest in Ord Mantell, the Trooper will have to travel via republic transport to the heart of the Republic CORUSCANT.

Aside from completing the Trooper Class Quest, there are several Planetary Mission and Daily Mission you can do in Coruscant.

Coruscant is the 2nd Planet for the Trooper Class, actually in the game its the 2nd Planet for all of the Republic Characters.

Mission directives will be provided by General Garza herself inside the Senate Plaza.

(Spoiler Alert) The Trooper’s class quest will end in The Works.

You will meet Fez Burba a Republic Scientist, he’s very funny. Fez Burba will give you a quest which can be completed in The Works, its one of the side quest you can complete while exploring the map, might as well take it for added credits and XP.

While exploring The Works you will meet a wounded trooper, talking to this NPC will grant you a Heroic Quest which you can complete by going to the ruins of Jedi Temple.

While the Heroic Quest is optional, but then again think of the rewards.

The Jedi Temple, or whats left of it, mostly ruins and over run by Imperial Soldiers.

Once you have completed the quest you will then have to travel your way back to the Senate Tower for the briefing of your mission, you will also have to talk to a Senator for the completion of the Heroic Quest.

And that completes the Trooper Class quest in Coruscant.


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