SWTOR: BT-7 Thunderclap

The BT-7 Thunderclap, an assault ship of the Republic Military. Commando and Vanguard acquires the starship at the end of the class quest before leaving Coruscant.


Let me give you a quick tour inside BT-7 Thunderclap.

Lets start with the Main Deck.Holo-Terminal is located in the Main Deck of your ship, that’s where you will interact and communicate with General Garza while inside the ship for mission updates.


Still part of the Main Deck you will see a unique room, which I believed is designed for the Commando. I call it the Captain’s quarters.

The Captain’s Quarters

From the Main Deck you can access the Bridge by going up through the stairs.

The Bridge is where you control your ship, from here you can access the Galaxy Map and travel to other planets as per mission requires.

The Bridge

Quarters, SWTOR did not put any label for what is the use of this room. Judging from the room design, I assumed that this is a sleeping quarters for your crew.

Sleeping Quarters or Bend Bunks

In this photo you can see the Bed Bunks, that’s definitely for the crew.

Sleeping Quarters or Bed Bunks

Next is the Armory, this room is currently where your first companion Aric Jorgan is mostly staying.

Intercon, where yo can call up all of your companions and discuss mission objectives.

C2-N2 is one of your companion that manages the ship. He’s going to welcome you every time you return to the ship that’s because his station at the entrance of the ship.


Inside your ship you can access the Cargo Hold from this room.


And the Medical Bay.


And that is the entire interior of your ship.


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