SWTOR: Aric Jorgan

The Trooper Class has several companions and the first companion that you will unlock after completing a quest is Aric Jorgan.

Aric Jorgan is a Cathar Male species. You’ll find him annoying during the first meeting and a bit bossy I say.

Screenshot_2017-04-08_12_07_35_458478While the game play in SWTOR: Star Wars The Old Republic allows female players to romance with Male companions in this case that option is available after acquiring Aric Jorgan as a companion. Do not worry friends EA is very particular with romance, its a matter of choice, depends on how you interact with, then most likely then you’re character can marry Aric Jorgan or remains as friend. consider you’re self playing SIMS in the Star Wars Universe.

Prior to joining the Havoc Squad, Aric Jorgan is a well decorated Republic soldier. He is a Lieutenant and over-sees the Republic operations in Ord Mantell. After the defection of Commander Tavus, Aric Jorgan was demoted to the rank of Sergent.


Aric Jorgan, inside the Armory of BT-7 Thunderclap


Aric Jorgan, Republic Senate, Coruscant



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