Taris, there’s nothing here really hahaha just kidding. Well the entire planet is in ruins because of the bombardment of the Sith Empire.

The Sith Empire’s bombardment decimated the entire planet resulting to ruins and deaths of many citizens. Upon you’re arrival in Taris you will hear the voice of the Governor and the Republic’s plan to bring back the life of the planet.

Spoiler Alert, upon completion of the trooper’s class quest in this planet you’ll acquire your’re next companion – the 3rd member of Havoc squad to be exact.

Taris – Olaris Space Port

Olaris Space Port

Republic HQ in Taris, Olaris Space Port

Republic Resettlement Zone, Olaris Resettlement Base, Taris

Spoiler Alert – 2nd Companion – Sergeant Elara Dorne

SAR Command

You’re welcome party in Olaris is Colonel Gaff. He is not friendly.


Sergeant Elara Dorne

Sergeant Elara Dorne, she”ll help you in your quest

Rescuing wounded soldiers as part of the class quest and yes Sergeant Elara Dorne will be there to assist.

Furthermore while in Taris I recommend taking the planetary quest as well as part of your side quest to help you with XP for leveling up.

Below are sample screenshots of planetary quest and class quest.

Class Quest: An Imperial Presence
Archimist Wintag, the quest for the missing taris-ian people. I completely forgot the exact term but I think it sounds like it


The Entrance to the cave or ruins.


The end of the Archive Quest, a vault full of Taris-ian folks

Like I said at the end of your Taris Class Quest you will end up getting your 3rd companion and that is the beautiful Elara Dorne.

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