SWTOR: Trooper

The republic was founded around 20,000 years ago by explorers and Diplomats.

The Troopers defend the republic, they are equipped with Heavy Armors, Power rifles or Assault Cannons. Highly trained in military tactics and combats.


Providing both offense and defense, the Trooper Class has two advanced classes.

  • Commando
  • Vanguard

Between the two advanced classes, I personally prefer the Commando Class. The Heavy Armor and the Assault Cannon looks very badass.

The story line of Trooper class is not as boring as the Jedi’s in my own opinion.

My Republic Trooper Commando Class wearing a TD-17A Collosus Armor Sets.

Thanks to the latest update there are now adaptive armors that you can purchase in the adaptive gear vendor in the fleet.


If there’s a soldier in you then you ought to be a Trooper.

“May the force be with you”


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