SWTOR: Acceptable Risk

Pay attention to the conversation with Aric Jorgan as he provide details about his former team the Deadeyes. By the end of the conversation he will give you a quest to rescue them.

I’ll share some details in terms of going through the location of your quest, if you played Imperial before then the location of the quest will be easy for you to find as you might have accidentally access it or some cases its part of your class quest.

To begin with you will have to travel to Tatooine. Upon reaching the planet ride a transport and it will drop your off in Dreviad Outpost.


From the outpost there is a road that will lead you straight to your quest objective, however, notice that the road leads to Mos Anek.

Mos Anek is an Imperial outpost and its very difficult to survive that outpost, I’m not even going to suggest going there because there’s a high percentage of you being killed by the Imperial guards.

Instead of mounting your speeder and taking that dangerous road, I suggest that you take another transport going to the Dune Sea and your drop off point will be the Tharazan Outpost.


From the outpost find your way to the sand peoples camp (refer to the map for the exact location).

Be careful once on this area aside from sand people, if your lucky enough you might bump into an Imperial player, the place is part of the class quest for Sith Inquisitor.

You will see a cave for the Sith Inquisitor class quest and not far from that is a cave which will be your passage (refer to the map above for the exact location).

Make your way through the cave until you get to the other end and reach Judland.


Upon reaching Judland follow the map going to south which is your quest objective.


Upon reaching the south end portion of the map you will see an underground facility and this is where the Deadeyes are being held.

Since the quest was given by Aric Jorgan it is highly recommended that you have him as your companion in order to complete the quest.


By the end of the mission Aric Jorgan will be calling a transport to rescue the team.

Let me know what you think about this quest by leaving a comment.

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