SWTOR: Heroic Mission Terminal

Happy holidays folks!

Heroic Missions is available in every planet in Star Wars The Old Republic, most missions would require a group of 4 now fear not my friend because you can also complete those missions with just your companion helping you out.

Also no need to travel to each planet to get those missions, Star Wars The Old Republic has a mission terminal available in the fleet.

Heroic Mission Terminal – Republic Fleet


The Mission Terminal gives you access to every Heroic Mission available in the Republic Side, this is the Weekly Heroic Mission Terminal.


EXP and Gear are very decent as well, I do see some players farming in Heroic Missions.

Alderaan Heroic Missions

With that being said I recently completed the Alderaan Heroic Missions and received the following rewards.

(Note: There are two crates to choose for the rewards)

Fractured Boltblaster’s Armor Set

  • Head: Fractured Boltblaster’s Helmet MK-2 
  • Chest: Fractured Boltblaster’s Body Armor MK-2 
  • Hands: Fractured Boltblaster’s Gauntlets MK-2 
  • Wrists: Fractured Boltblaster’s Vambraces MK-2 
  • Legs: Fractured Boltblaster’s Legplates MK-2 
  • Feet: Fractured Boltblaster’s Boots MK-2 

Note: All pieces are open for item modification Dye Module, Requires Level 51 and it is bind on pickup.


For a closer look:


Let me know what you think about this armor set for a Trooper Commando. Happy Holidays.

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