SWTOR: The Gauntlet Class Quest

Mission Briefing for the Republic Trooper Class Quest The Gauntlet. 


After successfully recruiting the last member of the Havoc Squad, General Garza will order you to return to HQ (Coruscant) for the mission briefing. I personally suggest to take your time and suit up your team before doing so, besides it doesn’t matter if your late.


Mission Objective: Destroy the Gauntlet as all cost. 


Let me break it to you why the top brass of the Republic is going nuts with this.

First they did not know that the weapon exist until someone from SIS (Strategic Information Service) hacked the Empire and discovered everything about this super-mega-ultra-deadly weapon.


So here’s what we know, the super-mega-ultra-deadly weapon is known as The Gauntlet. it has the ability to destroy any star-ship travelling in hyperspace, very cool right. The Gauntlet is a massive turbo laser cannon that fires charges of tachyonic matter which is faster than light speed.

The mission details will all be explain during the briefing so better to listen up and pay attention soldier as the fate of the galaxy depends on it.


After the mission briefing, you will have to board your ship and follow the coordinates provided.

“May the Force be with you”


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