SWTOR: The Gauntlet Class Mission – Chapter 2

The final mission for the Trooper Class QuestThe Gauntlet. 

In my previous post, I mention the mission briefing conducted in Coruscant. 

In this post I’ll provide a preview of what to expect during the mission.

After the mission briefing, you will have to travel from Coruscant to the mission location which will be available from your Galaxy Map.

You will be greeted with the Empire’s The Gauntlet installed in the Dreadnought.

An intense battle between the Dreadnought and the Republic ship (Corvette).

The Corvette and other Republic Starship battling the Empires Dreadnought

As agreed during the mission briefing, the rest of the Republic will create a destruction in order for your team – Havoc Squad – to infiltrate and begin the most difficult part of the mission.

Before boarding the Dreadnought. 

Mission Briefing in your ship.

I think its a glitch as you can see in the screen shot I have two of M1-4X.

Each companion will have a specific roles for this mission, which will be further mention in this conversation.


Tanno Vik 

M1-4X and Elara Dorne 

Aric Jorgan

And now its time for that speech before the battle begins.

Now its time for that battle.

Meet your welcome party, Imperial Soldiers. 

During this phase of the mission you are required to have Sergeant Yuun as your companion.

Yuun will help you unlock several security doors for this part of the mission.

More security doors and security terminals.

After Yuun unlocked those security doors and terminals, you will then rendezvous with Tanno Vik. 

Your mission is to install bombs around the Gauntlet.

Once the bombs are installed you will then re-group with the rest of the team.

M1-4X will report their situation (pay attention to this conversation as this will give you a hint of what will happen later).

Once you and your team are inside your star ship then that is the only time that Tanno Vik will detonate the bomb.

(Aric Jorgan as your co-pilot )

Your ship leaving the Dreadnought.

Republic ships ready for warp speed.

A mission debrief will happen in Coruscant with General Garza. 

General Garza will congratulate you for another mission well done.

And that is the end of Republic Trooper Class Quest.

Here’s what I like about this mission:

  1. You get to interact with all of your companions. Well technically not all of them, just M1-4X, Yuun and Tanno Vik.
  2. You get board an Imperial battle ship, The Dreadnought.

Here’s what I don’t like: 

  1. I was expecting heavy fire from the Empire, considering its a Dreadnought. I was expecting more Imperial Soldiers guarding those Security terminals to stop you, apparently there are few soldiers guarding and you can beat them easily.
  2. The difficulty level of the mission was very low, below average, I did not even see my health bar turn to read or go down half since unlike when you are doing a Heroic Quest or Flash point.

Well that’s the end of Chapter 2 for the Republic Trooper Class both Vanguard and Commando.

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