Tech: What is HEIC?

Have you heard of the file format PNG, JPEG and Bitmap? well mostly likely you do, since these are file format widely use in most devices such as computers, tablets, cameras, and your beloved camera phone.

JPEG has been the standard format for most online images, even your beloved mobile phones uses the same standard format.

Now what is HEIC?

So I encountered the HEIC format after I import some of the photos taken from my iPhone 7 and as I have not seen this format before I thought the photos were corrupted or some kind so my curiosity kicks in and I begun isolating the issue.

Fist I check the source of the photos, iPhone 7 has no problem reading the photo. I told me self that it shouldn’t as the photos are all ok in the camera roll section of the iPhone 7. This could be something on Apple.

Second I tried transferring the same photos in a Samsung Tablet and it did not have any problem reading the photo.

Looks like the problem is with Windows, so I check google to learn more of what the file format is about.

HEIC is a the file format name that Apple has chosen for the new HEIF standard.

HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image Format a streamlined way to store image files, it uses a modern compression methods that allows digital photographs to be created in a smaller file size while retaining higher image quality than JPEG.

Now that we know what that format is all about the question is Why Windows cant read the file same with other platform (iOS and Android). The answer is simple, Windows as of the moment has a problem recognizing the file.

So is this a dead-end for Windows users? not entirely, I believed in “If there’s a will, there’s a way”. The solution I have in mind is to convert the file format to JPEG in order for Windows to recognize the file.

I found the website  convert HEIC to JPEG (

Its a pretty straight forward website, easy to use as well, you can bookmark it for your convenience.

(Note: I’m not in anyway connected or related to the website, I did not even received a payment to promote the website. lol)

Convert HEIC to JPEG site allows you to upload a maximum of 50 photos and convert them to JPEG.

Once the conversion is completed you can download the files individually or in a zip format.

Hopefully this post was helpful to your question about HEIC or HEIF.


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