SWTOR: Trooper: Chapter 3: The Galaxy At War

Wow time is fast when you are busy, I have not login in Star Wars The Old Republic for more than 5 days due to busy work schedule. So excited to continue the story of Republic Trooper Commando.

Now in Chapter 3: The Galaxy At War

Chapter 2 ended with a successful mission in the Empire’s most powerful weapon The Gauntlet.

Chapter 3 begins with a new mission, but before that let me just share some very interesting screenshot that happen after the Chapter 2 mission.

Elara Dorne is missing in the medical bay, I never thought that I would encounter the issue of Elara Dorne missing as in some forums it was mention that the issue was fix.

I’ll give an update once I figure out how to fix the issue, moving back to Chapter 3 missions.

First mission is to rescue world leaders that were captured by the Empire, not a big fan of politician, however, a mission is a mission.

Returning to Coruscant for the mission briefing with Garza.

Mission briefing with Tano Vik

Returning to the ship and travelling to the mission objective.

The captured World Leaders doesn’t look like they need some rescuing.

Alright folks meeting is over, take all the free snacks and soda, and lets get out of here.

leaving the station and returning to Coruscant.

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