SWTOR: The return of Elara Dorne

Yey! what a relief to see my medic Elara Dorne returning from her long vacation.

Just like what I mention on the last post, after completing Chapter 2, Elara Dorne suddenly disappear from the ships medical bay.

While its already a known issue and several post from other blogs and forums mention of the same incident happening from other players.

Elara Dorne is not the only companion that went on missing. Based from other players, other companions such as Malavai Quinn went on missing as well.

How did I get Elara Dorne back?

Well I did not do anything special at all, as she was missing from my companions window I decided to assigned Tano Vik as my side kick in replacement for Elara Dorne.

After completing the first mission, wherein we have to save the World Leaders abducted by the Imps that’s when Elara Dorne showed up in the medical bay of the ship.

Here are the screenshot, so happy to see her again.

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