SWTOR: Belsavis – Republic Trooper: Commando – Vanguard – Class Quest

The Trooper story line is shared across two job classes, by now you should already know that those are:

  1. Commando 
  2. Vanguard

Belsavis is the Planetary prison of the Republic, however, a massive riot influence by the Imperials made the entire facility unstable.

The trooper’s mission is to recruit the members of Dagger Wing. They are one of elite squad of Republic Pilots, somehow they were setup and sentenced in Belsavis.

As easy as it sounds, however, the pilots of Dagger Wing are scattered across the prison planet of Belsavis.

 Dagger Wing Pilots 

The First batch of Dagger Wing Pilots we rescued.

I’ll update this page as soon I’ve completed the mission.

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