News: Uber and Grab

Uber and Grab are two giant transport service available here in the Philippines. Over the past years they both changed the way Filipinos commute, they provided a better transport service.

Both companies were able to challenge transport service operators such as Taxi’s.

Because of convenience that they provided, Filipinos opted to avail their service rather than the traditional Taxi.

Recent development have made the two companies combined their operations, effective on April 08, 2018.  This will only affect operations in the Philippines.

Here is what Uber has to say;

We want to share some news with you – Uber will be combining our operations with Grab to lead you in the next chapter of ridesharing in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia.

What this means for you: we will be transitioning our services over to the Grab platform by April 8, 2018, so all requests after that date should be made from the Grab app. However, you can still use the Uber app in more than 80 countries around the world.

What you should do:

Download the Grab app here
Create an account
For new Grab riders, apply promo code GRAB4W and take your first Grab ride

For more information on this transition, please visit Uber or Grab.

Thank you, and we look forward to continuing to serve your city with Grab.


For those of us that patronize Uber, we hope to experience the same level of service once this take effect. Good bye to Uber and Good Luck to Grab.

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