SWTOR: Sith Warrior

Currently taking a hiatus from the Commando life and starting a new in Star Wars The Old Republic as a Sith Marauder, the advanced class of Sith Warrior.



Sith Marauder is the advanced class of Sith Warrior. Sith Marauder is a melee DPS character and uses a medium armor.


Sith Marauder wield two light sabers.

Skill Tree:

The two skill tree of Sith Marauder are Annihilation and Carnage.

While Rage is shared with Sith Juggernaut.

Starting Planet:

Sith Warriors starts in Korriban, they complete all their trials in the Sith Academy.

Sith Warriors are guided by Overseer Tremel.


  1. Vette
  2. Malavai Quinn
  3. Jaesa Willsaam
  4. Lieutenant Pierce
  5. Broonmark
  6. 2v-R8


Meeting Overseer Tremel
Dolgris – “Ask for no mercy and die like a Sith”
Darth Baras
completing the final quest
with the rival Vemrin
Leaving Korriban with Vette


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