SWTOR: Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa aka Smugglers Moon


Nar Shaddaa also known as the “Smugglers Moon”. 

Home world of the Hutt Species. The moon itself is home to large criminal underworld dominated by Bounty Hunters and Hutt crime lords.


The moon itself is under the control of various Hutt crime lords and their goons. Both Republic and Empire are seeking the alliance of the Hutts. There are different immigrant species in Nar Shaddaa.

Person of Interest:

Maro Vizhen is appointed by the Empire to handle the creation of Shadow Syndicate. She will give you the quest to take care of the issues with the Exchange crime boss Ukabi.

Meeting with Maro Vizhen

Darth Rathari is the Sith Lord that threatens Darth Baras, your mission is to eliminate him as necessary.

Agent Delacon is Darth Baras spy and turned to Darth Rathari for protection.


Arriving in Nar Shadda spaceport with Malavai Quinn
Nar Shaddaa story arc given by CN-94
Dealing with the Hutt’s and Darth Rathari’s apprentice.
Defeating Darth Rathari’s apprentice
Photo ops in Nar Shaddaa
Overlooking on one of the busiest sector in Nar Shaddaa
Meeting with Darth Rathari
Face off with Darth Rathari
The arrival of the Republic Soldiers
The Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Republic Soldiers on my side against Darth Rathari.
Darth Rathari begging for his life
The fall of Darth Rathari.
Leaving Nar Shaddaa with a new gear as rewards for a successful mission.

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