SWTOR: Alderaan

The Planet of Beauty, Nature, Poetry Philosophy, Art, Couture, and Cuisine.

Home Planet of Princess Leia Organa.


Known to every Star Wars fan as the home planet of Princess Leia Organa. Destroyed by the Superlaser of Death Star.

Death Star

Now that was in the Star Wars Movie, know that Star Wars  The Old Republic timeline is before the movie itself.

Both Republic and Empire characters have Alderaan as part of their Class story progression.



Noble houses of Humans dominates Alderaan. Each house has a role to play for both Republic and Empire class story.

Kiliks are insectoid, they are  the  native species of Alderaan.


Kiliks refer to themselves as the Kind. They are part of a Hive mind.

Person of Interest: 

Geor Vers, The empire character Story Arc starts with Geor. he will be waiting for you after you dock in the spaceport.

Geor Vers

Alderaan is currently in Civil War due to Noble houses fighting for the rights to rule the planet.

Duke Kendoh Thul, supports the Empire and served Darth Baras in Alderaan.

Duke Kendoh Thul

FimmRess, assigned by the council to serve as Duke Kendoh Thul’s body guard.


Windredd and Lady Renata Alde, they hold the answer to the identity of the Jedi Padawan that you are seeking.

Windredd protecting Lady Renata Alde

Bouris Ulgo, assumes the throne thus threatening the interest of the Empire  and it alliances to other houses in Alderaan.

Bouris Ulgo

Defeating Bouris Ulgo is vital to the conquest and control of the Empire to Alderaan.


The king of House Thul lacks action and requires motivation to rule his own House.
Enslaving anyone who oppose the King or the Empire.
Inside House Thul.
Meeting Duke Kendoh Thul and the other political parties in Alderaan.
Lady Renata Alde.
Lady Renata Alde begging for mercy.
Dethroning the King, Bouris Ulgo.
Bouris Ulgo begging for his death.
Bouris Ulgo, death by light saber.
Meeting Jaesa Willsaam’s family.
A Sith vs Jedi Knight.
Leaving Alderaan.

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