SWTOR: Taris


Taris was once a city wide planet comparable to Coruscant.


Now Taris is nothing but a ruin city wide planet. The entire terrain is covered in debris of all sort.

Galactic Republic tries to rebuild Taris.

Empire outpost in Taris.

The Sith Warrior is sent to Taris to eliminate the War Trust Generals.


The Republic sent some troops to rebuild Taris. the entire planet is covered in wasteland and debris from ruin star ships or old infrastructure.

Humans and other species from Republic and Empire forces are present in Taris.

Rakghoul species is rampant in Taris.


Rakghouls are known to be former beings transformed into a monstrous form after getting a virus, in Star Wars The Old Republic this was referred as the Rakghoul Plague.

The virus can be transfer from a bite or a scratch. while a vaccine is available to protect the players of all classes from the virus, until now there is still no cure for the virus.

Person of Interest:

To activate the Taris Story Arc you must talk to Lieutenant Rankin. He will be waiting for you in the Taris orbital station.

Lieutenant Rankin, Taris Story Arc.

Lieutenant Pierce will help you accomplish your mission in Taris.

Lieutenant Pierce.

Your targets are the Generals of the War Trust Council of the Republic.

General Frelika.

General Frelika.

 General Durant.

General Durant.

General Minst.

General Minst.

General Faraire.

General Faraire.


Meeting Lieutenant Pierce and getting the debrief of the current situation.
Meeting the bodyguards of General Frelika.
The clever General Minst set a decoy.
Accessing the bunker of General Minst.
We look so badass, Malavai Quinn and I with the dead body of the real General Minst.
The wounded Lieutenant Pierce.
Meeting General Durant.
General Durant on his knees.
Preparing a plan to attack the Republic Base in Taris.
Malavai Quinn providing the details of the assault.
My Crew. Vette, Malavai Quinn, Lieutenant Pierce and Jaesa Willsaam.
We look so badass. That scene when you and your crew prepares for a big fight.
Jaesa Willsaam and I with our Imperial Troops.
Jaesa Willsaam using her new found powers the Dark Side of the force to weaken the hearts of the Republic Soldiers.
Republic Soldiers preparing to attack.
Meeting General Faraire.
General Faraire and his Republic Droid.
“On your knees General” – the defeated General Faraire.
General Faraire tries to escape.
Lieutenant Pierce and Malavai Quinn.
General Faraire, captured.
Lieutenant Pierce getting assign to me as my new companion.
Flirting with Lieutenant Pierce.

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