SWTOR: Quesh


The Industrial Planet of Quesh, filled with toxic waste and poisonous gas.


Arriving in Quesh.

Quesh is part of the Hutt space, its controlled by the Hutts. Galactic Republic mine the planet to produce adrenals.

The adrenals are supplied to the Republic Troopers to enhance them during battle.

The Sith Empire assigned Moff Dracen for a mission to obtain the formula of the adrenals.


Quesh is controlled by Hutts, a family of Hutts owned the factories that mine the ingredients for the adrenals.

Aside from the Hutts, Galactic Republic soldiers and Jedi’s are also present in Quesh.

Gragg the Hutt.

Persons of Interest.

To active the Quesh story arc you must talk to the Imperial Vaccination Officer.

Quesh Imperial Vaccination Officer.

Moff Dracen, Major Faradin, Colonel Drefin, and General Koloch are the Sith Empire officers in charge of winning the battle in Quesh.

Moff Dracen, Major Faradin, Colonel Drefin, and General Koloch.

Jedi Master Berin Fraal,¬†protects the Hutts that run the factories. The Hutts are currently on the side of the Galactic Republic, however, there’s a conflict between the siblings and the Sith Empire takes that opportunity.

Jedi Master Berin Fraal.

Admiral Monk of the Galactic Republic, he reveals that he is one of the spies that work for Darth Baras.

Admiral Monk.


Quesh, the entire planet is a major factory for stims and adrenals.
Force choke on one of the Imperial officers.
Admiral Monk, defeated and betrayed.
a useless Hutt is a dead Hutt.
Darth Baras checking with the Team for the mission updates.

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