Traversing in the Icy terrain of Hoth.


Hoth and its Icy terrain, only those who are strong and immune to the cold could survive the planet.

Luckily the Empire have thought of a way of fighting the coldness of Hoth.


The presence of the Republic Troopers are present in Hoth, along with some Smugglers or pirates.

The Empire maintain several military bases in Hoth to keep track of the activity of the Republic.

Talz are also in Hoth, based from the Imperial Intelligence they are found in three planets.

  1. Hoth
  2. Alzoc
  3. Orto Plutonia

Point of Interest: 

Ensign Reyal, will give you a quick run of the current situation in Hoth. talk to him to activate the Hoth Story Arc quest.

Ensign Reyal. Hoth Story Arc

Briefing Officer Halpern will provide the standard issued “Cold Weather Equipment”

Briefing Officer Halpern.

Commander Tritan and Captain Yudrass, first of the story arc is to assist them in securing the Imperial base against the attack of the Republic.

Captain Yudrass and Commander Tritan

Jedi Knight Xerender is currently on a mission to locate the missing Jedi Master Wyellett. 

Jedi Knight Xerender.
Jedi Master Wyellett.


Broonmark, a Talz that will soon be part of your crew.



Jedi Knight Xerender and Darth Baras
Broonmark joining your crew.
Meeting Jedi Master Wyellet and Jedi Knight Xerender
Fighting Jedi Master Wyellett
Defeated Jedi Knight Xerender
The Dark side of the force is strong. Jedi Master Wyellett and Jedi Knight Xerender both defeated.

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