SWTOR: The Emperor’s Wrath

Baras send his regards.


After defeating Darth Vengean, the Sith Warrior along with Lord Draagh secures a seat for Darth Baras in the Dark Council.

Lord Draagh and Sith Warrior.

Lord Draagh and the Sith Warrior now joined forces to execute the plans of Darth Baras in defeating the Republic or so what the Sith Warrior thinks.

Darth Baras is as clever as Cersei Lannister and as tricky as Petyr Baelish, the whole story of Sith Warrior is as close as the Lies and Betrayals in Game of Thrones.

Sith Warrior and Lord Draagh with Darth Baras.

Sith Warrior received her mission to travel to Quesh and thwart the Republic in their plans to blow the mines and operations of the Empire.

Sith Warrior arrived in the Imperial mines.

Sith Warrior defeated the Republic Troopers and secured the Imperial mines only to be betrayed by Lord Draagh and Darth Baras.

Lord Draagh contacts the Sith Warrior to informed her of her death.

Everything was a trap to lure the Sith and kill her.

Lord Draagh “Baras send his regards”

that scene was like a flash back from an episode from Game of Thrones when Lord Bolton betrayed the Starks and killed Robb Stark.

” The Lannisters send their regards”

Lord Draagh detonate the bomb planted in the mines, the Sith Warrior survives and on to meet the shady Sith figures she saw.

The Sith Warrior, betrayed and weaken.

The Sith Warrior survives and met the Emperor’s Hand.

Meeting the Emperor’s Hand.

Sith Warrior was told of her path, she was chosen by the Emperor as the Emperor’s Wrath.

Person of Interest: 

The Emperor’s Hand – Servant One and Servant Two

Servant One and Servant Two

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