SWTOR: Armageddon Battalion

The Crew received their new mission

The Emperor’s Wrath and the Empire’s Armageddon Battalion


With the Sith Warrior aka the Emperor’s Wrath Success in defeating Darth Ekkage in Republic’s planet prison Belsavis her next task is to secure the Empire’s Elite Military forces known as Armageddon Battalion.

Sith Warrior and Lt. Pierce

Darth Baras sent the Armageddon Battalion to the icy planet of Hoth to discredit Darth Vowrawn.

reconnecting with the old contacts in Hoth

Sith Warrior arrived in Hoth and reconnect with old contacts in Hoth to locate the Armageddon Battalion.

General Greist

General Greist follows direct order from Darth Baras, its the Sith Warrior aka the Emperor’s Wrath task to persuade the General and leave for Corellia.

General Greist and Captain Phenter

Captain Phenter in behalf of the men of Armageddon Battalion express that they should be in Corellia not in Hoth.

Meeting the General and Captain of Armageddon Battalion

The Sith warrior aka the Emperor’s Wrath was able to persuade them.

Lord Draagh waiting for the Sith Warrior

Lord Draagh learned that the Sith Warrior survived the bombardment and waited for the Sith Warrior to return to her ship.

Confrontation with Lord Draagh

The Sith Warrior’s companions were defeated in battle.


Darth Baras sensed that the Sith Warrior is alive and that the Sith Warrior is responsible for the death of her sister Darth Ekkage.

The Sith Warrior aka the Emperors Wrath is now more than ever eager to take her revenge and it will all start with defeating Lord Draagh.

Sith Warrior aka the Emperor’s Wrath

Lord Draagh underestimate the Sith Warrior and claims that he has a technique that prevents him from being killed in battle.

Lord Draagh on his knees.

The Sith Warrior and Lord Draagh fought a fierce battle.

Lord Draagh defeated

Everytime Lord Draagh recovers from defeat the Sith Warrior grew more powerful, more than ever her rage and thirst for revenge is what keeps her standing.

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