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The Sith Warrior receiving new mission from the Hand

The mission continues as the Sith Warrior fulfill his role as the Wrath of the Emperor. In the meantime the Hand of the Emperor provide details of the new mission.


The mission in the Republic’s prison planet Belsavis and the deployment of the Armageddon Battalion were both a success. The Emperor’s Wrath continues her mission, she must travel to Voss to find the Voice of the Emperor.

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A Message from Jedi Master TimmnsSpoiler Alert: I spared the life of Jedi Master Timmns during the Belsavis mission in exchange for a light side points.

The Voss mystic served as a guide for the Emperor’s Wrath in her quest to locate the Emperor’s Voice.

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Voss Mystic

The Emperor’s Wrath must complete a task for the Voss Mystic.

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The Voss Mystic revealed himself to the Emperor’s Wrath along with the task that she must complete.

The Emperor’s Wrath was task to collect the Amulet that once belong to the Voss Mystic.

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Inside the Voss Temple

After collecting the amulet the Emperor’s Wrath traveled to must complete the final test before in order to find the location of the Emperor’s Voice.

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The Emperor’s Wrath lend her strength to the Voss Healer.

bandicam 2018-09-02 19-45-24-029
Voss Healer

The Emperor’s Wrath found the entrance of the chamber where the Emperor’s Voice is imprison.

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The locked chamber can only be open using the Amulet the Emperor’s Wrath collected earlier.

bandicam 2018-09-02 20-26-10-431
Unlocking the chamber of the Emperor’s Wrath.

The Emperor’s Wrath found the Emperor’s Voice, a Voss that was trap a long time ago by Darth Baras.

bandicam 2018-09-02 20-29-01-308
The Emperor’s Voice

In order to free the Voice his vessel the Voss must be destroy and the Wrath is the only one capable of doing it, however, the Dark Heart took control of the Vessel and the Wrath must defeat the Dark heart to free the Voice.

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The Voice was defeated by the Wrath.

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And the Mystic warned the Wrath of a betrayal from one of her follower.

bandicam 2018-09-02 20-40-07-700 Guess who will betray the Wrath.

Spoiler Alert:

bandicam 2018-09-02 20-55-03-544
Juda’s kiss

Malavai Quinn showed his real color and revealed the reason of his betrayal.

bandicam 2018-09-02 20-55-42-879
Malavai Quinn

All throughout Malavai Quinn was gathering information about the strength and weaknesses of the Wrath. He calculated everything and brought in droids to destroy the Wrath.

bandicam 2018-09-02 20-58-22-462 The Wrath was victorious and proven that she is more powerful compared to what Malavai Quinn thought.

bandicam 2018-09-02 20-58-52-792

Betrayal means death, but the Wrath showed Malavai Quinn some mercy and he was given another chance to served the Wrath.

bandicam 2018-09-02 20-57-42-097

Malavai Quinn accepted the mercy that the Wrath showed to him.

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