SWTOR: Korriban – The Wrath vs The Voice

– The Wrath, Overseer Tremel and Darth Vowrawn

The Wrath meets her old friend Overseer Tremel in Korriban’s Darth Council Chamber.


The Wrath’s mission in Correlia was a success, she’s now ready to meet Darth Baras and expose his lies.

Overseer Tremel was waiting with Darth Vowrawn in the entrance of Darth Council Chamber in Korriban.

Overseer Tremel was the headmaster of the Sith Academy until Darth Baras ordered the Sith Warrior to execute him.

– Darth Baras and the members of the Darth Council

Darth Baras appeared in front of the members of the Darth Council and ordered them to help him defeat his former apprentice, however the Darth Council not to help him. They wanted to see a duel and that’s what they will get.

– Darth Baras using force lightning.

Darth Baras strikes the Wrath with his force lightning attack.

– The Wrath with her lightsaber blocking the attack of Darth Baras.

The Wrath was quick with defending her self with Darth Baras force lightning.

Reminds me when Master Yoda uses the force to counter the force lightning attack of Count Dooku.

Well I guess Master Yoda is on a different level, after all in the Star Wars Movies his the only one I’ve seen so far countering a force lightning using the force.

– Darth Baras vs the Wrath

it was an intense dual between Darth Baras and the Wrath.

– Darth Baras seeking help from Darth Council members.

Darth Baras was weakened and again requested for the Darth Council members to aid him in defeating his former apprentice.

– Darth Baras defeated.

Again for the second time the Darth Council members denied to assist Darth Baras until the Wrath defeated him and his dead body lying on the floor.

Darth Vowrawn presented the former apprentice as the true Wrath of the Emperor.

– the Wrath and the Darth Council Members.

One by one the members of the Darth Council acknowledge the power of the Wrath and showed their respect.

The Wrath left the Darth Council victorious.

And thus the end of her revenge.

This entire scene was the most dramatic scene ever in the story line of the Sith Warrior.


Thank  you for joining me explore the story line of the Sith Warrior turn Lord of the Sith and now the Wrath of the Emperor. 

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