SWTOR: Sith Warrior | Romance

– Malavai Quinn

Is it true “that love makes the world go round” – Deon Jackson

Romance in Star Wars The Old Republic is another thing that players in the game will experience, and its a good distraction in terms of the never ending battle of controlling the galaxy.

Both Republic and Empire players will experience romance with their romance-able companions, however, I’m getting a conflicting details as to who are the romance-able companions for the Sith Warrior.

According to the official Star Wars The Old Republic Website the following companions for Sith Warrior are available for romance.

Lets start with the companions for male players.

first on the list:

Jaesa Willsaam (Dark Side)

– Jaesa Willsaam (Lightside)

The young padawan turn to the Darkside.

– Jaesa Willsaam (Darkside)

Her transition to the Darkside was amazing, not just her personality but her looks have change as well.


Sith Warrior’s first companion from the start of the story line, she’s very funny and witty.

– Vette

Male players with male characters are given two female companions that are available for romance.

for female characters based from the official Star Wars The Old Republic Webiste we have,

Malavai Quinn

The smart good looking imperial agent, he join the crew and provides his knowledge to the cause of the Sith Warrior.

Malavai Quinn
– Malavai Quinn and Sith Warrior

I have to say with all of the companions that the Sith Warrior has, he is my favorite. I find his intelligence very attractive.

(Spoiler Alert)

Malavai Quinn broke my Sith Warrior’s  heart, she trusted him and he broke her heart.

Lt. Pierce

A rugged yet well train military man from the Empire’s elite force.

Lt. Pierce met the Sith Warrior during her quest in Belsavis.

– Lt. Pierce

While there’s no information from the official website about Lt. Pierce available for romance, I discovered it my self. I was a bit surprise when he started flirting in one of the cut-scenes.

– Lt. Pierce kissing Sith Warrior

So to clear things out Sith Warrior has 4 romance able companions and to balance things around both male and female characters were given two companions for romance, you know in case the other decides to break your companions heart at least you have another one.

Just like in the real world though you have to unlock and make use of those flirting skills.

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