– Ilum quest

Defeating Darth Baras was the end of the original story line of Sith Warrior.

Now whats next for the Sith Warrior aka the Wrath of the Emperor.


Ilum terrain is covered mostly in ice. The empire seek control of Ilum due to its natural resources, while the Jedi Order claim Ilum as part of their ancient long forgotten order.

So the question now is should you take and complete the quest and flaspoint in Ilum before moving to the next content?

The quest and Flaspoint in Ilum are part of dailies, while some players choose to skip Ilum quest and flashppoint, I suggest otherwise.

Completing the quest and the flashpoint in Ium would make sense of what happens next, besides there are good cut-scenes that you definitely don’t want to miss.

While you can do it as part of the your dailies I still suggest to take the missions and complete them as part of your story line.

(Spoiler ahead you’ve been warned)

The Ilum quest will start with helping Grand Moff Regus and Darth Malgus in securing the Adegan Crystal.

the Adegan Crystal is vital for the stealth technology that the Empire is developing, no other crystal in the galaxy works with the stealth tech other than the Adegan Crystal.

– Meeting Grand Moff Regus

Fight for the Adegan Crystal

By the end of the mission the Sith Warrior was victorious by stealing the crystals from the republic, however, this only the beginning.

The Empire face a new threat as Darth Malgus betrayed the Empire by stealing the Adegan Crystals and Stealth Armada.

The Empire is in a verge of loosing the war as the Republic unite while the Empire and Sith fight among themselves for power.

Grand Moff Regus called for a War Council meeting with the remaining loyal members of the Sith Empire.

– War Council meeting

Imperial Guard General Hesker will provide air support assistance while the Sith Warrior infiltrate the crystal cave and secure a stealth ship to locate Darth Malgus location.

– Imperil Guard General Hesker

A New Beginning(Flashpoint: Battle of Ilum) 

– Battle of Ilum

Darth Seravin and his allied Voss mystics joined Darth Malgus

– Meeting Darth Seravin

Darth Seravin arrives with the stealth ship, if you played an Imperial Agent you would notice that the ship is the X-70B Phantom.

– Darth Seravin


Darth Seravin arrive to mock the Sith Warrior, he also calls himself the “Hand of the New Emperor”

– Voss Mystics

While the Voss Mystics informed the Sith Warrior of her vision.

Darth Seravin was still defeated by the Sith Warrior, the Voss Mystics begged for her life with a promise of her and the Voss alliance to the Empire

however, the only punishment for treason is death, the Sith Warrior strike with finishing blow and sentence the Voss Mystics to death.

(Note: choosing the Voss Mystic to live would earn light side points)

– Darth Malgus and his New Empire


the defeat of Darth Seravin triggers the start of a new flashpoint content

(False Emperor: Flashpoint)

Sith Warrior will now travel with the stolen stealth ship of Darth Seravin

Wounded from the previous mission Imperial Guard General Hesker will assist the Sith Warrior as she infiltrate Darth Malgus based

– Meeting the False Emperor

You know that dramatic scene in a movie when the hero walks in with his side-kick. That’s exactly how this entire cut-scene feels like.

Imperial Guards that joined Darth Malgus stands and watched the Sith Warrior as she enters the throne room of the False Emperor Darth Malgus

– Throne room

The throne room with the Imperial Guards standing by and awaiting orders from the false emperor Darth Malgus – damn those purple lightsabers, those Imperial Guards looks so badass as they walk slowly and one by one activating their light sabers.

– Darth Malgus

Darth Malgus and his clever speech for a new Empire

Darth Malgus continues on how he wants to change the Empire in his own image.

And yes! Darth Malgus has Force lightning, throwing his force lightning with Sith Warrior

Darth Malgus prepares to strike the Sith Warrior

– Darth Malgus

Darth Malgus was scary enough but yeah, he was defeated in the end of the battle and Sith Warrior emerged victorious.

Sith Warrior returned to Grand Moff Regus and they all discussed the future of the Empire.

The Ilum story arc was the longest by far that I’ve done in one run, it was disappointing to the end of the duel between the Sith Warrior and Darth Malgus there was no cut-scene to at least show the end of a legendary Sith Warrior like Darth Malgus, he just simply died after his life line was consumed.

Aside from the death of Darth Malgus the entire story arc of Ilum was satisfying enough, and this would also open start a new content for Makeb.

– The Fury travels to Makeb

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