– Sith Warrior

Darth Marr, Makeb and Istobe-5


Darth Marr informed the Sith Warrior about the recent discovery of a special mineral that will benefit the Empire. Isotope-5 was discovered in Makeb and Darth Marr wants the Sith Warrior to steal the Isotope-5 for the Empire.

– Meeting Darth Marr

Darth Marr inform the Sith Warrior of her task and how important for her to obtain the mineral Isotope-5.

– Darth Marr
– Lord Cytharat and Katha Niar

Katha Niar and Lord Cytharat introduce themselves as part of the support team for the Sith Warrior as she tries to accomplish her task.

The Resort of Solida Hesk 

Intelligence shows that Sith Warrior need to contact and extract information from Solida Hesk. Hesk is a collaborator of the Hutts, she and her company mine Makeb for Isotope-5.

Hesk is secured in her private resort and currently engage with the Hutts.

– Solida Hesk

To save her life Hesk told the Sith Warrior that Isotope-5 are currently secured and stored in a location called Stronghold One.

Stronghold One is heavily secured by the Hutts. Its a fortress build in a volcanic mesa of Makeb and guarded by the InterStellar Regulators.

The Rebel Leader

The Sith Warrior seek the assistance of the rebel leader Pollus Avesta to mount a coordinated attack against the Hutt Cartel of Makeb.

– Meeting Pollus Avesta

Pollus Avesta was hesitant at first but agreed to help the Sith Warrior. Pollus Avesta and his rebel warriors provided a good distraction for the Sith Warrior to execute her plans.

Stronghold One

Based from the intel of Hesk the Isotope-5 are secured in the vault of Stronghold One. With the InterStellar Regulators distracted due to rebellion of Pollus Avesta the Sith Warrior raided the Stronghold One.

– Stronghold One

Lord Cytharat joined in the raid and provided a backup for the Sith Warrior.

– Isotope – 5 Battle Droids


Archon Szajin leader of the Hutt Cartel in Makeb processed the Isotope-5 into the Battle Droids.

– Archon Szajin

Archon Szajin knew of the Empire’s plan and built himself an army of Isotope-5 Battle Droids.

– Isotope – 5 Battle Droids of the Hutt Cartel.

The Sith Warrior was overwhelmed by the Army of Isotope-5 Battle Droids and with no Isotope-5 to steal the Sith Warrior’s mission is doom.

– Darth Marr disappointed with the result of the mission.

Darth Marr blame the Sith Warrior for failing to complete the mission and with the Empire eminent defeat with the united Republic.

Saving Makeb

Darth Marr displeased of the failure of the Sith Warrior, the Sith Warrior warned Darth Marr who she is.

– Saving Makeb

The Empire lost 3 star systems according to Darth Marr in order for the Sith Warrior and her team to steal the Isotope-5 from Makeb.

With no Isotope-5 and Makeb near destruction the Sith Warrior now turns to the Empire’s Science Bureau in finding ways of saving Makeb.

– Mining Shaft of Makeb

The bright minds of the Science Bureau join forces in finding a solution in terms of stopping Makeb from destruction and saving the Isotope-5 mineral for the Empire.

The Sith Warrior and her team execute the plans provided by the Science Bureau.

– Locating the Isotope-5 deposits

Doctor Nadrin finds a way to stabilize the core of Makeb by using the drilling lasers, however, the Sith Warrior lacks man-power to operate the drills.

– Saving the Engineers

The Sith Warrior rescue the Engineers that were abducted by the Hutts forces and abduct others from the Republic forces.

– Sith Warrior

As the residents of Makeb tries to escape the eminent destruction of the planet, Sith Warrior tries to secure the drilling platforms from the Hutts in order to execute the plan of Doctor Nadrin.

– The Engineers

Everthing works according to plan, the Engineers walk in to operate the drilling lasers.

Archon Szajin is aware of the actions of the Sith Warrior and her team. While the Sith Warrior is busy with securing the drilling laser Archon Szajin attack the Sith Warrior’s team based of operation and took Katha Niar as a hostage.

Sith Warrior went raided the palace of Archon Szajin to save Katha Niar and the other members of her support team.

– Attacking Archon Szajin

Doctor Nadrin provide support to Sith Warrior while he attack the palace of Archon Szajin.

– Katha Niar

Sith Warrior found Katha Niar weaken after Archon Szajin tortured her.

– Facing Archon Szajin

Archon Szajin ride his Isotope-5 Battle droid.

Sith warrior defeated Archon Szajn and ordered Doctor Nadrin to target the bases of the InsterStellar Regulators.

Sith Warrior won the battle with Archon Szajin and completely eliminated the InsterStellar Regulators in Makeb.

Katha Niar was too weak to recover from her wounds, and died after seeing the completion of the mission.

The Empire Strikes Back

Darth Marr congratulate the Sith Warrior and her team for a successful mission in Makeb.

Darth Mar informs the Sith Warrior that the Emperor is dead or have gone silent.

With no Emperor the Empire will evolved and will strike back on its enemies.

Darth Marr inform the Sith Warrior of the future of the Empire.

Now that the Hutt Cartel has been taken care the Empire will now prepare and face the united Republic.

And  that my fellow SWTOR player is the end of the story of SWTOR: Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

Over all the story was amazing, I just cant imagine how it would look like playing a different class.

I was attached to the story and relationship of the Sith Warrior and Katha Niar that I sacrifice getting a light side points just to save  her.

The last scene with Darth Marr was incredible, it made me feel like I’m watching Star Wars movie.

Can’t wait to start the next story for the Sith Warrior over the weekend.

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