SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Coruscant

– Padawan

Join me as I continue to explore the storyline of the young padawan in becoming a Jedi Consular.


Jedi Consular is one of the four classes in Star Wars The Old Republic. Similar to Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular is a force user character.

In this post I’ll share my experience as I go through the storyline of the Jedi Consular.

As mention in my previous post

SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Tython

The young padawan was chosen to complete her trials in Tython, the ancient home planet of the Jedi’s.

The Mysterious Ailment

The padawan was successful in completing the trials that was assigned to her by Jedi Master Yuon Par.

During the ceremony Jedi Master Yuon Par collapsed because of a mysterious illness.

– Jedi Master Yuon Par

The Jedi Consular was ordered by the council to travel to the Republic Capital, Coruscant to search for an answer.


Arriving in Coruscant the Jedi Consular finds her master in the raving about a phrase “the man in the shadows”.

Atros Finn is a Jedi Knight serving as a medical researcher in the Senate Tower and currently taking care of Jedi Master Yuon Par.

– Atros Finn

Atros Finn mention to the Jedi Consular that the Jedi Temple holds vast knowledge that can help cure the illness of Jedi Master Yuon Par.


These vast knowledge is stored in an ancient relic called “Noetikons”, apparently due the recent attack of the Empire and the fall of the Coruscant in the past war, the Jedi Temple in Coruscant is now in ruins and the vast collection on knowledge is now missing.

Jedi Consular must search for the noetikons in order to find cure for the illness of Jedi Master Yuon Par.

– Noetikons

To find for the noetikons the Jedi Consular must search in every places in Coruscant.

– Activating the noetikons

To Activate the noetikons the Jedi Consular must meditate and use the force.

– First noetikons

The Jedi Consular found the first noetikons from the hands of Gand scavengers. They were using a coded signal to transfer and pass the noetikons to another handler.

The noetikons of Science and Technology was the first noetikons, the knowledge of the masters stored in the noetikons was not enough to find a cure from the mysterious illness of Jedi Master Yuon Par.

– Second noetikons

The Second noetikon was found from the hands of the members of the black sun, a group of thugs in Coruscant.

Similar to the first noetikon, the noetikon of light was not able to find a cure for the illness, instead they suggested for the Jedi Consular to search for the third noetikons.

As the Jedi Consular continues to search for the third noetikons, Jedi Master Yuon Par’s condition was getting worst.

Jedi Master Yuon Par was starting to lose control of her self to the point that she started to threaten her medical attendant Atros Finn and attack the Jedi Consular.

– Jedi Master Yuon Par attacked lost control of her self

The Jedi Consular was able to defeat Jedi Master Yuon Par, as her condition is getting worst the Jedi Consular must now locate the third noetikons to find a cure for her mysterious illness.

– Justicars

The third noetikon was in the hands of a justicar, apparently they were paid by an unknown Sith to keep the noetikons away from the Jedi Consular.

The Jedi Consular confronted the Justicars leader and was given a false noetikons.

– Sith Artifact

The Jedi Consular accidentally activated a Sith Artifact which brought her to a dimension. In time the Jedi Consular prevailed the Sith.

– The third noetikons

The third noetikons, the noetikons of secrets informed the Jedi Consular of the mysterious illness of Jedi Master Yuon Par and recommended a possible cure.

According to the noetikons of secret the mysterious illness is an ancient force plague created by a Sith Lord.

With the combine knowledge of the noetikons and the archived terminal inside the Jedi Temple they will access a long forgotten Shielding Technique.

The Jedi Temple Ruins

The Jedi Consular now travels to the ruins of the Jedi Temple in the deep sector of Coruscant.

Inside the Jedi Temple is an archived terminal that the noetikons will use to access and teach the Jedi Consular of the Shielding Technique.

– Archived Terminal

The Jedi Masters of the noetikons warned the Jedi Consular of the possible effects of the Shielding Technique and its limitation.

– Jedi Master of the noetikons

The Shielding Technique will allow the user to cut-off the connection of the plague master from the victim, however, this will not completely cure the victim.

The only way to completely cure the victim and to stop the plague is to defeat the plague master, and the Shielding Technique also takes toll on the strength of the user which makes the user weak and vulnerable for a time being until she recover her strength.

– The Sith Apprentice

Just after the Jedi Consular completed the Shielding Technique a Sith Apprentice shows up along with two followers. The Sith Apprentice destroyed the Archived Terminal.

The Jedi Consular defeated the Sith Apprentice and his two followers, however, the archived terminal was destroyed and beyond repair.

The Jedi Consular is now the only one in the galaxy that has the knowledge of the Shielding Technique.

The Shielding Technique

The Jedi Consular used the Shielding Technique to cut-off the connection of the plague master from Jedi Master Yuon Par.

– Shielding Technique

Jedi Master Yuon Par was temporarily cured because of the Shielding Technique and her consciousness return, however, she does not remember anything about the plague master or any details about her illness.

– Jedi Council

The Jedi Council informed the Jedi Consular that Jedi Master Yuon Par’s condition might not be isolated as there are reports from other Jedi Master’s around the galaxy exhibiting the same symptoms.

The Jedi Consular must travel and search the affected Jedi Masters around the galaxy in order to her mission the Jedi Council award the Jedi Consular a Starfighter for her travel across the galaxy.

The Defender Class Light Corvette

After saying her goodbyes to Jedi Master Yuon Par the Jedi Consular prepares to travel the known galaxy using her Defender Class Light Corvette.

– Defender Class Light Corvette | Front View

Specifically designed for Jedi’s (Jedi Consular and Jedi Knight).

– Defender Class Light Corvette | Side View

The Defernder Class Light Corvette measures 79 meters wide and 94 meters long, 29 meters tall when resting on the landing bay.

Defender Class Light Corvette | Pre-flight View

Equipped with deflector shield and missiles for both defense and offense, the Defender Class Light Corvette is meant to serve as a base of operation for Jedi Masters.

– Meeting the ship steward

C2-N2 Factotum Droid act as the ship steward, he handles both maintenance and security of the ship while the Jedi Consular is out for a mission.

– C2-N2 factotum droid

The interior layout of the Defender Class Light Corvette is equipped with a small conference room, medical bay, living quarters, cargo hold, and escape pod.

– Bridge

The Bridge is equipped with the latest navigational system for the Jedi Master’s navigation throughout the galaxy.

Bridge | Center View

The Cargo Hold contains all the personal items of the Jedi Master for storage purposes.

– Cargo Hold

The living quarters is for the comfort of the Jedi Master and the ship’s crew.

– Jedi Master Quarters

The Conference Room is equip with a primary holocomm system for long range communications.

– Main Conference Room

The Missing Two Jedi Master’s 

The Jedi Consular’s mission is to search for the two Jedi Master’s that are missing and investigate their current condition.

– Jedi Consular and Qyzen Fess

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