Game: Ragnarok Eternal Love

– Ragnarok Eternal Love

Relive the memory and the experience anytime anywhere, Ragnarok is today’s number one mobile game.


If you haven’t heard of it then most probably your living under a rock like Patrick Star.

– Patrick Star | Sponge Bob Square Pants

Ragnarok is one of the number online games back in year 2002 by Gravity, especially here in the Philippines. I actually grew up playing the online game way back 2nd year high-school up to 4th year college, I only stop when I started working and when the PH server’s were closed.

Anyway, Ragnarok was making a comeback and just recently its now available in mobile, both Android and iOS users can download and enjoy the game.

In this post let me share to you a couple of things you need to know, specially if you’re like me who’s an old timer player of the game.

There are a couple of changes to the game itself,consider these as tips in order for you to enjoy the game or to get to know the game.

Let’s start of the following items:

  1. Players will received a 300 stacks of stamina indicated by yellow to red color, this indicates the chances when it comes to drops.
  2. Players also now have an option for job change in exchange for an amount of zeny (zeny is the currency use in the game) or unlock other job paths by using Big Cat Coins.
  3. Bard, Dancer, and Sage are currently not available yet, hopefully in the succeeding update they will be available.
  4. Questing, prioritize quest in order to level-up faster. Red (!) marks indicates your main quest while the yellow marks are side quest.
  5. Daily Mission quest, players can perform daily quest available from the mission board.
  6. Monster Watcher NPC’s provides 10 times experience from other daily quest, take note that its available after reaching level 20.
  7. Auto-attack setting, almost every mobile game has this particular feature and I’m not surprise that Ragnarok Eternal Love also adapt the same time of system.
  8. Trading, currently there is no direct player to player trading in the game like the ones that we have before in the PC version.
  9. Selfies, in the game, after completing a quest you will be give a camera. Use the camera to take selfies every time you visit a new map or a land mark, these will be added to your adventure book which in return you will be given a particular reward.
  10. Party, group up and enjoy the game either with folks you meet online or with your friends, this is also essential when your completing a quest since both of you and your party members earn experience and loot.
– Character Selection Screen

Ragnarok Eternal Love character selection screen, to start your journey in the world of Midgard you must first select the job of your character.

Currently the following jobs are available:

  • Hunter
  • Priest
  • Merchant
  • Wizard
  • Knight
  • Assassin
Character customization screen

Once you have chosen your job take your time in customizing your character, from hair color and gender.


Like I mention earlier make sure you complete your quest to level up faster.

here are some screenshots from the game.

Job Change | Adventure Hall

After reaching level 10 you can transition to your desired job in Adventure Hall by completing the test and task that will be given to you.

Here are some of the screenshots during the job change ceremony.

Job Change ceremony
Job Change ceremony | Mage

Here are some screenshots during quest.

Quest | Lulu the cat
Sun and Moon lovers quest


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