SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Taris

– Jedi Consular and Qyzen Fess

Join me as I continue to explore the story line of the young padawan, now a Jedi Consular.


Jedi Consulars has two advanced path that they can take as they progress in the world of STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC.

In this post I’ll share the story line and path of a Jedi Sage.

As mention in my previous

SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Coruscant

The Jedi Consular was sent to Coruscant to find a cure for the mysterious illness of Jedi Master Yuon Par.

Jedi Consular learned a healing technique that allows her to shield Jedi Master Yuon Par.

– Jedi Consular | Learning the Healing Technique

The Jedi Consular now must travel to other planets to investigate other Jedi Masters that are possibly affected by the plague.

The Plague

The Jedi Consular learned that the plague was created by a Sith Lord, however, the identify of the new plague master is still in the shadows for the Jedi Consular.

Another Jedi Master was possibly infected by the mysterious illness in Taris.

– Jedi Consular | Meeting Captain Nelax

Jedi Consular arrived in Taris and was informed by Captain Nelax of the situations of Jedi Master Tykan.

Jedi Master Tykan is the Jedi Master assigned in Taris as Republic tries to restore the planet after the destruction cause by the Empire.

The Researched Expedition

Captain Nelax received a call from the researched expedition, they claimed that Jedi Master Tykan lead them into a trap and now their lives are in grave danger.

The Jedi Consular acted quickly and rescued the researchers, however, Jedi Master Tykan was long gone.

– Jedi Consular | The Researched Expedition

The researchers told the Jedi Consular what Jedi Master Tykan did.

– Padawan Aris

The Padawan of Jedi Master Tykan, Padawan Aris defended her master, however its now clear for the Jedi Consular that Jedi Master Tykan is affected by the mysterious illness and she must use the shielding technique to save Jedi Master Tykan.


Jedi Consular followed Jedi Master Tykan in the Junction, there Jedi Master Tykan told the Jedi Consular his plans of cleansing the entire planet of Taris by killing the people in it.

– Jedi Consular | The Junction


The Jedi Consular ordered an evacuation of the Junction, however, Jedi Master Tykan already executed his plans.

After the Jedi Consular rescued the workers of the Junction, she called Captain Nelax to inform him of Jedi Master Tykan’s condition.

Jedi Master Tykan was talking in gibberish, he keeps on mentioning Parkanas.

– Jedi Master Tykan

Captain Nelax informed the Jedi Consular that Jedi Master Tykan attacked the base and took padawan aris with him.

Lord Vivicar

After defeating the rakghouls and sealing the tunnel in the base, Jedi Consular followed Jedi Master Tykan.

Jedi Master Tykan plans to destroy the reactor which will cause a pollution in the ecosystem of Taris and eventually kill the people in it.

– Jedi Master Tykan and Padawan Aris

Jedi Master Tykan also keeps on mentioning the name Lord Vivicar. Jedi Consular convinced padawan Aris that Jedi Master Tykan is ill and his not in his right mind.

Jedi Consular and Jedi Master Tykan fought, the Jedi Consular was successful in defeating Jedi Master Tykan.

– Jedi Consular | Jedi Master Tykan

The Jedi Consular use the Shielding Technique and shielded Jedi Master Tykan.

Jedi Master Tykan was freed from the plague master, he awakens and does not remember anything that happen of anything that he did.

– Jedi Consular | Shielding Jedi Master Tykan

With Jedi Master Tykan saved from the illness, the Jedi Consular now must travel to another planet and investigate the situation of another Jedi Master that’s possibly infected as well.


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