SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Nar Shaddaa

– Jedi Consular | Jedi Sage, performing healing technique

The plague that corrupts the mind of a Jedi Master continues.

Join me as I continue to explore the story line of a Jedi Sage.


Jedi Sage is one of the advanced class of Jedi Consular, the other is Jedi Shadow.

Strong with the force, Jedi Sage focuses their ability and knowledge with the force rather than light saber combat.

Its safe to say that Jedi Sages are the counter part of Sith Sorcerers.

In this post I’ll share the story line of Jedi Consular / Jedi Sage as she completes her task in finding and healing the Jedi Masters affected by the plague.

In my previous post:

SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Taris

The Jedi Sage was sent to Taris to help Jedi Master Tykan as its possible that he is infected by the plague.

– Jedi Sage and Jedi Master Tykan


It was discovered that Jedi Master Tykan was infected by the plague, he committed several mistakes that placed some Republic Officers life in danger.

The Jedi Sage as the only one equip with the knowledge and ability of using the Healing and Shielding Technique shielded Jedi Master Tykan to bring him back to the fold of light.

Nar Shaddaa

– Jedi Sage | Arriving in Nar Shaddaa

The Jedi Sage arrived in the moon of Nar Shaddaa, a place run by the Hutts cartel.

The relationship of the Republic and the Hutts are in danger as one of the Jedi Master stationed in Nar Shaddaa is possibly affected by the plague.

– Jedi Sage | mission briefing

The Jedi Masters are concerned as to the possible involvement of a Jedi Master in a new gang called “The Guiding Hand”.

The Guiding Hand post a threat to Nar Shaddaa’s power player, the Hutts.

The Jedi Sage seek the assistance of an Exo-Technology expert to investigate the Jedi Master.

The Exo Technology Expert

The Jedi Sage arrived in Nar Shaddaa and locate the Exo-Technology expert only to find a unique sentient holo.

– Jedi Sage | meeting holiday

The Jedi Sage met the unique sentient holo being name Holiday, Holiday informed the Jedi Sage that Tharan Cedrax hasn’t arrived yet and possibly in danger.

Holiday provided the location of Tharan Cedrax and the Jedi Sage went to help him.

– Jedi Sage | meeting Tharan Cedrax

Jedi Sage rescued Tharan Cedrax and in return he offered his assistance to investigate and locate the Jedi Master.

Tharan Cedrax help the Jedi Sage infiltrate the gang of the Guiding Hand.

– Tharan Cedrax
– Jedi Sage and Tharan Cedrax

The Guiding Hand

Jedi Sage infiltrated the gang with the help of Tharan Cedrax and his tech.

Jedi Sage | infiltrating one of the Empire base

After completing the task set by the gang the Jedi Sage is off to meet the leader of the gang.

– Jedi Sage | meeting the Guiding Hand leader

Meeting the Guiding Hand leader confirmed that Jedi Master Fain is involved and its putting the Republic at risk once the Hutt Cartel discover it.

Jedi Master Fain is now infected by the plague, he discover the true intention of Jedi Sage and ordered his men to execute the Jedi Sage.

Shielding the Jedi Master Fain

Jedi Sage must now do everything to meet Jedi Master Fain in person and use the shielding technique on him.

Tharan Cedrax offers his help to Jedi Sage.

– Jedi Sage and Tharan Cedrax | Infiltrating the gang

Together with Tharan Cedrax the Jedi Sage was able to infiltrate Jedi Master Fain’s hide out.

Jedi Master Fain tells the Jedi Sage about Parkanas Tark and Lord Vivicar.

– Jedi Sage | Performing the Healing Technique

Jedi master was talking about the incident in Malachor Three, however, his strength is deteriorating and Jedi Sage cannot risk loosing Jed Master Fain.

Jedi Sage quickly performs the ritual and shielded Jedi Master Fain.

– Jedi Sage | Hutt Cartel officers

Just after the Jedi Sage completed the ritual and shielded Jedi Master Fain the Militia Officers of Hutt Cartel arrived to arrest the weaken Jedi Master.

Using Jedi Sage persuasion skills a bloody combat was avoided between the Jedi Masters and the Hutt Cartel.

A negotiation to secure the position of Jedi Order and the Republic was closed.

A New Companion

After saving Jedi Master Fain from the plague and upset Hutt Cartel, Tharan Cedrax was waiting for Jedi Sage to return to her ship to offers his skills and services to Jedi Sage as she travel across the galaxy.

– Jedi Sage | Tharan Cedrax joins the team

Theran Cedrax officially join the crew of Jedi Sage as an Expert in Exo-Technology.

Laranna Fain

Jedi Master Syo reported that a Republic Ship sent a distress signal, aboard the ship is a Jedi that seems to be going crazy.

– Jedi Sage | Meeting the officer in charge of the ship
– Jedi Sage | Answering the call of the distressed ship

Jedi Sage set course to the location of the distressed ship, the captain explain what happen.

Currently locked on the ship is Laranna Fain, daughter of Jedi Master Fain. Laranna acted strangely right after unknown Jedi Healer touched her.

– Jedi Sage | Laranna Fain

Meeting Laranna Fain confirmed the fears of Jedi Master Syo and Jedi Master Fain, Laranna is affected by the plague.

Jedi Sage defeated Laranna Fain and brought her back to the fold of Light with the help of the shielding technique.

– Jedi Sage | Shielding Laranna Fain

The Jedi Sage discovered that Lord Vivicar himself was the one that infected Laranna.

Lord Vivicar plans to turn the young Jedi to the Dark Side as his apprentice.

– Jedi Sage | Lord Vivicar contacts Laranna Fain

Lord Vivicar called for Laranna Fain, however, Jedi Sage already shielded her.

Lord Vivicar is aware of the shielding technique and challenge the strength of the Jedi Sage.

-Jedi Sage | Lord Vivicar

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