SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Alderaan

– Jedi Consular | Tatoiine

Back in Tatooine, Our Jedi Consualar | Sage was successful in saving Jedi Master Eriz Vossan.

The search continues for the Jedi Consular | Sage to find and heal other Jedi Masters across the galaxy and hopefully end the mysterious plague.


The Jedi Consular | was ordered to travel to Alderaan and help Jedi Master Sidonie Garen with a diplomatic mission.

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SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Tatooine

Jedi Consular saved Jedi Master Eriz Vossan from Tatooine

The Jedi Consular arrived in Alderraan, with the help of Lew Organa the Jedi Consular tried to contact Jedi Master Sidonie Garen, however, Jedi Master Garen does not answer their call.

Following the advice of Lew Organa, the only way for the Jedi Consular to meet Jedi Master Sidonie Garen is for the Jedi Consular to join the Peace Summit.

The Jedi Consular must convenience the other noble houses to appoint her as their representative in order for her to access the peace summit.

The Jedi Consular approaches the noble house of Teral to seek their permission to represent their house in the peace summit, however, house Teral is in the middle of conflict with other noble houses.

House Teral grew weak over the years and they are on the point of loosing the battle.

The Jedi Consular protected House Teral and made them look strong and powerful again enough for them to make an alliance with House Organa.

With the Jedi Consular assistance House Teral was able to formed an alliance with House Organa through marriage.

While the marriage would seal the alliance between House Organa and House Teral, the Jedi Consular also convinced the army of Astar Vox to switch sides.

Astar Vox command an elite force under the House Ulgo.

The Jedi Consular passed all the trials of Astar Vox and convinced him to join the growing house of Teral.

Everything was working according to plan until House Rist kidnapped Lew Organa.

With Lew Organa kidnapped by House Rist, it puts House Teral in great danger.

The alliance with House Organa and House Teral is now in complicated status unless House Teral can save Lew Organa and proceed with the arrangement.

The Jedi Consular infiltrated the camp of House Rist and rescued Lew Organa.

Lew Organa suspected that the kidnapping has nothing to do with House Teral and House Oragana alliance, however, he was amazed with the power and influence of House Teral to send a Jedi to rescued him.

Lew Organa committed to proceed with the alliance between House Organa and House Teral.

With the Jedi Consular protection Lew Organa discovered the master mind behind the kidnapping.

Jedi Master Sidonie Garen was the mind behind the abduction of Lew Organa.

The Jedi Consular is now more determined than ever to join the peace summit.

With Jedi Master Sidonie Garen showing signs of possible infection to the mind plague the Jedi Consular must do everything to stop her.

With the blessing of House Teral and Lew Organa, Jedi Consular becomes the official representative of House Teral for the peace summit.

Its location was confidential and only available to the representatives of each noble houses.

Each noble houses sent their representative for the peace submit.

Jedi Master Sidonie Gren was there to meet the representative of each houses.

The Jedi Consular arrived representing House Teral.

Jedi Master Sidonie Gren was not happy to see the Jedi Consular.

Jedi Master Sidonie Gren was already exposing secrets of other houses and making them fight each other.

Jedi Master Sidonie Gren wanted the houses to start  a war.

Jedi Consular tried to talk out some senses to Jedi Master Sidonie Gren, however, the mind plague already affected her.

As Jedi Master Sidonie Gren provoked each houses to start an all out war in Alderaan the Jedi Consular tried to stop them.

A battle between two Jedi Master was witnessed by the representatives of each houses.

Jedi Consular emerged victorious and used the shielding technique to Jedi Master Sidonie Gren.

With Master Sidonie Gren already back to her senses, the Jedi Consular convinced the other houses to continue with the peace negotiations.

The Jedi Consular saved all Jedi Masters with mind plague sickness and returns to Tython to discuss the matters about Vivicar and Parkanas.

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