News: Promotions | Starbucks Coffee | Starbucks Christmas Traditions 2019

– Starbucks 2019 Planner and Travel Organizers

Good Day!

Just how many cups of coffee from Starbucks have you consumed already?

All of that just to collect those damn stickers in exchange for the limited edition Starbucks 2019 Planner and Travel Organizers.

Well my friend if you haven’t or not even to close to completing those 18 stickers then worry no more.

In my previous post,

News: Starbucks 2019 Planner and Travel Organizer


I’ve mention the details needed in order for us to earn and collect those stickers,

Well Starbucks is feeling a little generous as always, they have recently announced the extension of the Starbucks 2019 Planner and Travel organizers.

That’s right from January 07, 2019 it was extended until January 20, 2019.

– Photo Credits to Starbucks Philippines

Now here is a little bit of something I’m working on for my next post,

Starbucks 2019 Stickers


I’m not in any way connected to Starbucks Philippines, nor paid to post and blog about this product. I just simply enjoyed it and love collecting the limited edition items/planners.

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