Product Review: A4 N-400 wired Mouse

A4 Tech mouse

Since my Promate mouse died on me a week ago I was in store yesterday looking for a new mouse and this PADLESS mouse really caught my attention.

I’ve been using the Promate wireless Bluetooth mouse for 11 months now, until recently the mouse started acting up, at first I thought it was just the battery so I went on and replace it but sadly its not.

Fast forward I can no longer live with it, whenever I want to do a “left click” which is a “single click” it then do a “double click” which is kinda annoying at first but I just tried to work with it for the past week.

Promate Wireless Bluetooth mouse

Now I really love this Promate mouse, the Wireless and Bluetooth feature is totally a convenience specially if you have a small and tight work place like I do.

Trust me I tried my very best in terms of fixing it, like I did check if there is a repair center and all for it however there’s none.

I was just told to get a new mouse, that’s just sad. I wish we all minimize the habit of replacing something if it doesn’t work if we can fix it then better.

But for this case I don’t have any choice for now but to get a new mouse otherwise continue using the defective Promate mouse.

A4 Tech N-400 mouse specification:

It comes in two colors:

A4 Tech Mouse: Glossy Gray
A4 Tech Mouse: Black + Red

I decided to get the Black + Red.

The A4 Tech mouse features a “4-way wheel” which is very useful for scrolling.

Also its pad-less, so no need for a mouse pad.

I ‘v been using the mouse for a week now and so far its soft click button really helps well specially if you have been working all night.

As for the price, I got it for only 279 pesos in Silicon Valley. The price is reasonable for its features, yes its not Bluetooth/Wireless which I was looking for but then it will do for now.

Hopefully it last and surpass my Promate Bluetooth Wireless mouse. Over all I like price, features and all.

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