Travel: Manila China Town

A walk through the little China town of Manila

Binondo and Ongpin are two different places, that’s something that I’ve learned from visiting the place.

A little of historical background, Binondo was founded in 1594 by a Spanish Governor “Luis Perez Dasmarinas” as a permanent settlement for Chinese immigrants.

Onpin was named after a Chinese businessman “Don Roman Ongpin”.

Filipinos and Chinese both has a strong relationship even before the start of the Spanish occupation. Sadly some of us has forgotten the rich culture and history that we both Filipinos and Chinese shared.

History and Culture, that’s what these two places are famous for.

Now a days all you hear and see in the news are wars, indifference.

Recently I’ve watched the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” and it was a total eye opener for me.

Crazy Rich Asians

The movie showed how much we forgotten our culture. specially here in the Philippines, we have embrace too foreign stuff. I for one is guilty about it, for example, TV series, I prefer watching Hollywood produce TV series rather than supporting the local ones, well I have my own reason for that which I’ll explain probably on a different post.

Going back to Ongpin Street I’d say this the go to place if you are craving for a little bit of Chinese.

Surprisingly you will find almost anything in Ongpin Street from the glittering charms to give you the best of luck to the most authentic Chinese food.

Binondo Church

First off is the famous Binondo Church also known as “Minor Basilica of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz” formerly known as “Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish”.

The Binondo Church was founded back in 1596, back then it helped Chinese converts to Christianity.

The Church was reconstructed several times due to the damages cause by the world war. Located in Binondo Manila, not too far and a little walk will now bring you to Ongpin Street.

Ongpin Street.

Ongpin Street is famous because here you can go Chinese without going broke.

There are a lot of places here to eat and enjoy a Chinese food and the prices are reasonable enough.

Wai Ying Fast food – Menu

Word of mouth goes a long way and the best advertising there is, why is that?  simple less cost and mostly effective.

Wai Ying is one of the most popular restaurant in Binondo.

Disclosure first, the place is small and if you are looking for a fine dining restaurant then this is not a good place for you, none the less they offer a best Chinese food experience.

I honestly lost track of the names of each Chinese food. From Dimsum to Hakaw? not sure if that’s the right way to spell it, again the best food experience I could recommend if you are looking or craving for a little bit of Chinese experience. For now enjoy the photos.

Before leaving Binondo its best to bring home some of it, literally “Pasalubong”

Looking for the best “pasalubong” to bring home after a day of walking around Ongpin?

Well the best spot to go is “Eng Bee Tin”. You can find almost every type of flavored¬† hopia, right the only flavor I know was “Mongo” and “Pork”, however, there’s more so don’t forget to stop by in this place for a “Pasalubong”

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