TV Series: Lucifer: Pilot Episode

Lucifer: Pilot Episode

Forgive me, I was under a rock since April 17 2011.

The rock was called Game of Thrones.

Now that Game of Thrones is done my weekend is about to be normal again.

Until my friends keep on telling me if I’ve seen the TV series Lucifer. I stop for a bit and replied with a grim on my face.

In my defense I was so hook up with Game of Thrones that I even stop watching Arrow and Marvels Agents of Shield. Sorry but the GOT virus was really hard to control.

Arrow: Oliver Queen

I know Oliver Queen would be very mad knowing this, but its hard for me to keep up specially its the Iron Throne that’s at stake.

Marlvels Agents of Shield

Coulson and the team will surely understand, we have to save the Seven kingdoms.

Moving forward, I know the ending of Game of Thrones was not as good as the rest of the netizen thinks but I’ll let it pass for now. We don’t want the Lord of the Underworld to get mad after all this post is dedicated for him.

So going back to my discovery and going out under the rock. I’ve subscribe in a local streaming channel here in the Philippines, which I will not name since this is not free advertising folks.

Alright so I’ve seen the pilot episode and after writing this post I’m going to watch episode 11 of season 1.

Here’s my take on Lucifer, the name itself is very catchy already LUCIFER goes by so many definitions and meaning across different regions.

Here in the Philippines its basically the name of evil and I haven’t met any person here that would name their child after Lucifer.

Anyway like I said the name of the show is very catchy and not to mention its by JERRY BRUCKHEIMER so that’s a big name right!

Alright so they have a very good brand, lets talk about the pilot episode.

I’d rate it with 9/10, not to perfect because we want to put a room for improvement for the rest of the show.

What I like so far is the humor of the show, the actor portraying Lucifer really hit the G’spot. His good and I know because I’ve seen him before in Miranda that’s why his face was very familiar, not to mention his English accent kinda helps with me in the process of withdrawing from the entire Game of Thrones addiction.

Lucifer kinda reminds me of CSI with the twist of Supernatural. The Police process and the fight between good and evil is very very interesting to watch.

While Lucifer depicts as the Prince of Hell, he somehow reminds us that there’s good in every bad person, and that the choice between good and evil is just in our hands. It all depends on how you manage and attend to your temptation.

Lucifer: Amenadiel

Amenadiel showing his black feathered wings to Lucifer was some sort of him showing off.

Imagine an angel with black feathered wings, well its not a first time for me since I grow up watching “Oh My Goddess” remember ‘Urd’ yup she’s my favorite.

Dr. Linda Martin is very interesting, I like how she handles and takes care of Lucifer in a way of guiding him and playing in his metaphor.

Overall the show is very interesting, I’ve just started watching it and the pilot episode was very catchy enough for me to continue.


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