SWTOR: Commando | Voss


After a long hiatus from Star Wars The Old Republic I’ve decided to return and continue the quest of one of my character.

Raniza is a Commando currently stuck in Voss. Her mission to acquire new soldiers in preparation for the fight against the Empire and to help the Republic in winning an alliance with the Voss.

In this video you will see the different cut-scenes from the Troopers / Commando / Vanguard Class mission and Voss Planetary mission.

The Trooper Story Line:

Chapter 3: Galaxy At War

“The Trooper went to Voss to get soldiers who were stationed their in anticipation of a second invasion from the Empire. The Trooper first searched for proof of the Empire trying to invade. Havoc Squad discovered that the Empire acquired the bomb stolen by the traitors at Ord Mantell. After meeting with the Voss, and rescuing Voss soldiers, the Trooper traced the bomb to the Nightmare Lands. There, they killed the Sith and saved Voss, thus allowing the Republic soldiers based on Voss to fight in the war.

The Trooper is called back to Coruscant to answer charges made by a Senator. Upon arrival, Garza and Balker informed them the Senator was a puppet of the Empire, and the Trooper had to present proof to the Senate. After the corrupt Senator was dealt with, the Trooper was told Garza was on Corellia and that the final operations for Havoc Squad would be set up there.”

Credits: SWTOR Fandom

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