Events: BATCON 2019

Kevin Porter – Batman Flashpoint

So I got invited by one of my work-mates / friend to attend BATCON 2019.

Its one of the biggest event – gathering of all BATMAN fans / enthusiast out there, and being me, a supporter of DC said yes to the invitation.


Its my first time attending a BATCON, last time I attended an event similar to this was the ASIA POP COMIC CON back in the 2015.

The event is held in MOVIE STAR CAFE, located in Centris Station Quezon Avenue Quezon City. Its also my first time here so I’m kinda excited my self to check the place out since I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the place.



Address: G/F Centris Station, EDSA cor, Quezon Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila

If your travelling via Public Transport, its highly recommended to take via MRT. If your coming from the south, take MRT from Taft station and drop off on Quezon Avenue Station. Centris Station has a direct link from the MRT Quezon Avenue station.

Likewise if your travelling via private vehicle take the road going to Quezon Avenue, Centris Station is right in the middle of it.

Here are some available routes from South – Taft area:



MOVIE STAR CAFE is a movie themed restaurant, you can see a lot of movie theme characters as part of the restaurant decorations. From STAR WARS to MARVEL MOVIES & DC MOVIES. They also have Broadway shows and the waiters are most of the time dressed like super heroes or villains.


BATCON 2019:

We were there for the BATCON 2019. Its a gathering of all BATMAN fans – supporters. Aside from the fans – supporters there are exhibit coming from various collectors, you can also buy some items from various artist selling their artwork.

Here are some photos from various collectors from the event.


And here are some of the items I bought  – credits to  PATTY ARROYO for such a wonderful illustration of the three beautiful villains in the BATMAN verse.


With Patty Arroyo


And Stickers from various artist – sellers. One of my favorite is the funny memes from Libreng Komiks.


Its a convention, and one of the few things I love about attending an event such as BATCON is a chance to see and to have photo ops with various COSPLAY ARTIST.

Here are some of our Photo Ops.



And the most exciting part of the event was meeting KEVIN PORTER aka BATMAN.




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