News: Promotions: Starbucks Planner 2020

january 2019 089

Its almost that time of the year again, you better start saving your hard earn money my dear socialites friend as we are close to the season of collecting these damn stickers again.

I still don’t know why I’m collecting these stickers until now, I bet you I’m a damn millionaire already if only I had saved the money that I spent in collecting these stickers.

But hey!  its 2020 already and since I started working for almost 13 years now I’ve been collecting them, Its a tradition already.

january 2019 089 Its more than just collecting the stickers, its that moment that you spent with either your friends or colleagues as you choose which coffee blend to order, those moments that you crave for as you treat your ‘Crush’ over a cup of coffee and hoping, just hoping that something will happen.

And there are those moments just like know as I write this entry wherein you have only 2 hours of sleep and need to survive the next 8 hours of shift.

So Starbucks Ph is asking,

Are you ready?


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