The following armors in this post can be crafted using a crew skills, to be specific that will be Synthweaving.

In my previous post, I showed the different armor sets, those armor sets can be obtain via Cartel Market or GTN or NPC.

Jedi Consular | Sage Armor Sets

Lately I’ve been working on my Synthweaving skills,

bandicam 2018-11-05 07-22-19-834

Like many other crew skills in STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC, Synthweaving can be learn from a crew skills trainer.

bandicam 2018-11-12 07-38-25-460

While JEDI CONSULAR are relatively strong and powerful in the force then it is only fitting to fashion them with the best armor there is in the galaxy.

queen padme amidala

When it comes to style and fashion in the world of STAR WARS, Queen Padme Amidala is one of the most fashionable and stylish of them all.

How I just wish that one day her dresses will be available in STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC.

bandicam 2018-11-25 21-05-19-455

While some of the armor sets can be purchased via CARTEL MARKET  or GALACTIC TRADE NETWORK let me show you some of the armor sets that you can craft using Synthweaving.


bandicam 2019-11-10 08-59-45-636

The Shadowsilk Force Experts armor set is the first set of armor I’ve learn in Synthweaving. It features a long earth-tone skirt.

bandicam 2019-11-10 08-58-55-855

It actually strike a little bit of resemblance to Jedi Master Yuon Par.

bandicam 2018-11-05 06-04-25-011

Good for diplomatic approach type of missions, I’m not a fan of skirts but this will do during the first few levels of the game.

Next is…


bandicam 2019-11-10 09-03-25-860

Lashaa Force Experts armor set also features a skirt with a touch of a blue tone colors.

bandicam 2019-11-10 09-02-04-827

A little conservative in style yet has a strong aura, its like saying how powerful a Jedi Consular is in the force.

bandicam 2019-11-10 09-02-00-266

Like I said I’m not a fan of skirts when it comes to Jedi Consular, I prefer to have them wear pants if possible.

bandicam 2019-11-10 09-04-04-398

Which bring us to…


bandicam 2019-11-10 09-06-42-597

Lashaa Aegis Armor set sports a pants for the Jedi Consular, which I find very convenient specially during your battles its a little bit of a hassle wearing long dresses or skirts while waving your light-saber or lifting some rocks like

rock lifting


bandicam 2019-11-10 09-05-59-064

The Lashaa Aegis Armor set has a touch of Off-White tone and a patch of earth-brown color on the pants.

bandicam 2019-11-10 09-05-35-357

With a hooded robe that makes the Jedi Consular identity a little bit of a mystery.

bandicam 2019-11-10 09-05-45-461

It can give your Jedi Consular that serious look and at the same time very convenient during fight scenes.

Now here is my most favorite Craft-able Jedi Armor Set as of this writing,


bandicam 2018-12-09 20-48-29-234

My Jedi Consular have been wearing the Shadowsilk Aegis armor set for a little while now.

bandicam 2019-11-10 08-55-42-859

The Shadowsilk Aegis features a earth-tone armor set. It makes your Jedi Consular looks tough and sexy at the same time, sexy in a good way.

bandicam 2019-11-10 08-54-44-689

For me right now its one of those armor that is convenient when it comes to battle scenes.

bandicam 2019-11-10 08-53-29-734

It provides freedom for the Jedi Consular to move freely without anything that could block her from using the Force.

bandicam 2019-11-10 08-54-34-043

In some way its almost has the same style of the armor of Grand Master Bastila Shan

bandicam 2018-11-03 22-18-32-005

Note that the armor of Grand Master Bastila Shan is available in Cartel Market.

Until the next set of armors for the Jedi Consular.

[Update: 02/27/2020] 

You can also earn decent armors by completing Heroic Missions,

Check out these Heroic Missions that you can play with your chosen companion http://bit.ly/36OvYpw

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