red planet hotel aurora cubao

Red Planet Hotel – Aurora Cubao Branch

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Red Planet Hotels – Aurora Cubao Branch 

I recently stayed in one of the chain of budget friendly hotels for Red Planet Hotel, particularly the one located in the busy district of Cubao Quezon City.

I learned from chit chatting with the receptionist on duty at that time from Red Planet Hotels that the new hotel located in Edsa Cubao which I recently posted a review prior to this one is not in any way associated to them.

Check out Red Hotel – Edsa Cubao

She told me with confidence that they are the first to be called or use the brand “Red Hotel”

Well I sided with her, I got confused at that time and was under the impression that Red Hotel is connected or some way related to Red Planet Hotel.


Red Planet Hotel Aurora Cubao is located in Aurora Cubao. Walking distance from LRT Cubao station and closed proximity to Araneta City.

Here is the Hotels contact details:


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Stanford St. corner Aurora Blvd., , Cubao, Quezon City 1109

The Red Planet Hotel Aurora Cubao Branch offers several types of rooms, room rate may vary I suggest that you contact the hotel for details.
During my stay I book the Twin Room and only paid 1,854 for an overnight stay, I’d say that the price is reasonable compared to other hotels in the area.
I was lucky enough to get a room since it was a busy Monday and I don’t have any reservation to begin with, Kudos to their friendly receptionist who assisted me.
Now the room, I got the Twin Bed room.


Comparing it to the Twin Bed Room that I got from the other hotel, I’ say that this one is lacking a little bit of space, the twin bed occupies most of the space of the room and there wasn’t enough room space for you to walk around as there is only a little space from the twin bed to the wall where the flat screen tv is mounted.

I’m not sure if all twin room are like this or possibly just this one, aside from the room space I have to say that the room is neatly clean.


I think its both single bed, the Twin bed is spotless, totally comfy. I also like that fact that they have a comforter unlike other budget hotels that offers a very think blanket.

The room also offers a personal refrigerator and electric kettle. I was really happy to see the personal refrigerator as this part is very vital for me, this is something that was missing from Red Hotel.

You can buy groceries or food and store it without worrying that it might spoil. One thing that is not available in the room is a telephone, I was told by the receptionist that there is no telephone in the room, I just forgot as to why.


The receptionist did recommend to download the Red Planet App, also there is a telephone in the hallway in case you will be needing to call the reception for any assistance.

While I understand the importance of the telephone in case you need to make a call or order some food which will be a hassle for you to step out of your room just to do it in the hallway.

Despite of it missing, I did not bother my self about it. The Wifi connection is incredibly fast and way better than what I have here at home, plus there are so many applications that can cater ordering food which I did.

I book a grab food and had it deliver to my room, the security guard escorted the grab driver so for me that is still a plus, security and all.

Shower / Toilet: 

Despite of the room being small, they were able to make use of the available space for the toilet and the shower room.

No complain here, its clean and considering  the on-going water interruption in metro-manila they seem not to be affected about it unlike the other businesses in the area.

Oh and by the way the hot shower is perfect! for a budget friendly hotel that offers a hot and cold shower this one is really relaxing, just make sure to adjust it to your own preference.

I was lucky to have room with a window view, so here it is, while sipping my cup of instant coffee that I got from a near by convenient store.

Over all I have to say that my experience with Red Planet Hotel Aurora Cubao was perfect and I will definitely go back and stay here again.




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